Tips for moving with children

Are you moving with children? We know how stressful it is. For you and for them too. Especially, if they just started school. If you can put off the moving, then we recommend that. But, of course, if you have no choice and the decision is now final. We have some tips. Any advice can be helpful. Currently, maybe you are packing your belongings, and you need moving hacks and tricks.  You can call a moving company if you do not want to move your stuff by yourself. But, pay attention when you searching for movers online.  Moving is a new chapter in your life, and for your family too. Make it easier. With these tips, we hope that it will be with a little less stress. So, let’s start.

Don’t you know how to handle it? Fortunately, we have some tips for moving with children

A family meeting. The most important thing when you moving with kids
Ask your kids to make room plans for a new house. Organize a family meeting and talk about it

A family meeting

If you have teenagers, this is the most important thing to do. If you are moving for a new job, tell your children that you’re excited about it. Encourage them to express their feelings about it, maybe they will have some tips too. Prepare them for this big step. There are great chances that they will be angry at first, but be patient. Explain to them how this will be a great opportunity for all of you. Also, involve your children in the selection process of the new home. Ask them what they want in a new house, they can make room plans. That is the way to get your children excited about moving.

Start a few weeks earlier than you think is reasonable

The first step for moving with children is this. Kids will probably slow you down, especially if you have a two or three-year-old child. Days will fly fast.

Sell or donate kids items when they do not see it

Tell them to pick their favorite toys and clothes. Probably, you will end up with a lot of their things. They will not notice that there are missing toys they never played with.

Packing boxes, while children are asleep

Just try to pack while they are awake. They will open the boxes and play with them. And, remember, leave one box of toys out until the very end, so that they always have something to play with. You can also sell the things you do not need anymore and earn some money. Crib, baby stroller, and baby bathtubs too.

Ask someone to help you with your kids

Probably, you will need more help with the kids than with packing. Ask your friend or family member to help you and to entertain the kids in the part of the house you’re not packing. Or, they can go to the park and play. Maybe. they can help you pack too, so let your friends help.

An adult and a baby are walking.
Ask your friend to help you with kids. They can have a nice day in the park

Have a few exciting surprises

Moving with children can be difficult for them too if they are big enough to realize what is happening. So, keep in the car a new toy for example and surprise them. They will be probably sad. You can go to the restaurant, or stop for a picnic. Cheer them up while traveling.

A party

Let them have a party with their friends from school and neighbors. A better thing to do is to call it a “See You Soon” party. During the party, make sure everyone exchanges contact information. 

Say goodbye to the old house

That might help them to take a final pass, and it can help you too. In the end, you can together say “bye” to each room. Tears are a common occurrence, in this case, so don’t worry.

What to do after moving

What is the next step? Your children supported you. They helped you with packing. But the question is what to do after moving?

Chairs in school.
The new school is a big change. Help them to adjust.
  • Explore the environment with children – Moving with children was so stressful.  Now it is time for park and ice cream. Take the ball and pet if you have, and spend the whole day outside.
  • The tour in a new school – Help them to adjust. New friends and school, are the big change in their life.
  • A party – Maybe, they can invite old friends to come and have a little party. So, they won’t be lonely.
  • Let them arrange the bedroom as they want – Do not dictate to them how to design their bedroom.
  • Work together – Now it is time for unpacking. Ask them to help you clean a new house and decorate it. Have some fun, let them be creative. If you have a little baby, do it when he/she sleeps.

You are moving with a pet. It is an additional problem. But, with good organization everything is possible. Moving with children is challenging but with these tips, it will be a little bit easier. Every beginning is hard. You have to be brave for your kids too. If they see you sad, they will be too. And the most important thing, be patient, especially if they are teenagers. Keep in mind that they will leave their friends and familiar neighborhood. Hold on together and be supportive. If you are looking for more tips and you are moving with older kid or toddler, watch the videos.


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