Moving with a pet

The time has come: you have finally decided to move! So many plans have been made, so many to do lists, contracts and budget estimations are already done. Everyone knows where they should be and what should they do. There is no doubt that everything will go according to plan. Even if it doesn’t you have a plan B and you are prepared for every situation that might arise. But in all of that organization and planning you might forget someone that doesn’t have the ability to take care of itself – your pet. Or even pets, the more the merrier. When people say that moving is stressful that is entirely true. The amount of stress one person endures during the moving process is equal to the anxiety and emotional disturbance one person endures during a loss of the loved one. So it comes as a no surprise that our best friends feel the same way, although they can’t express it with words. Pets suffer during moving, and they need to be taken care of just like any other living creature. Perhaps you won’t be able to give them as much attention as you usually do but let’s talk about everything you do need to do in order to be able to move with a pet.

1. While moving with a pet take care of all the documentation

Regardless of how far will you be going, there are still laws in place that require of you to have certain documents, permits and certificates. If you are by any chance going out of the country check here what are the things you need to know. In addition to this it is very important, even if you are staying in the US, that you have all of the necessary info, in case you might need it. So, what is it that you need to have when you are moving with a pet? Check out this list:

  • Birth certificate is a must especially if it has clearly stated which type of check ups and vaccines does your pet have.
  • Do your research and find out the specific of every state so you wouldn’t be in trouble at the border. Some more info can be found online.
  • If your pet has a pedigree, make sure that you have the papers to prove it on hand.

2. Before you move with a pet, check out all of the restrictions in your new home

Moving with a pet
Don’t forget about your four legged friend while moving

In case that you are planing to bring your little friend with you, and you most certainly are, make sure that you are moving inside a pet-friendly zone. Your owner or landlord, as well as your neighbors need to be informed and give their consent before you move with a pet. Local communities have a big say in this and it makes a lot of difference what type of animal or even what breed is your furry companion. Don’t cause problems with yourself and check out all of this in advance.

3. Check out your neighborhood before your move and find everything your pet might need

Even before you move with your pet you need to inform yourself about the laws regarding vaccination, leashes and even zoning of certain areas. You are the one moving into a new community, you need to respect the rules they have set up. In addition to this  you should check out all of the necessities your pet will require such as vet’s office, infirmary, pet shop etc.

4. During the move, make sure that your pet is protected

Moving with a pet
Protect your pet in any way you can during a move

Moving is very chaotic and stressful and no one would blame you if something slipped your mind. That is why lists like this are important, so you don’t have to blame yourself for forgetting. Firstly, you will need to meet the emotional needs of your pet who will be lost, confused and in need of attention. You will not have enough time to give it to him but make sure she has enough of it, if not from you than from other people.

In addition to this moving can be very dangerous, and pets can be the collateral damage of the entire process. Still, there are tools you can use to protect your pets while the move is taking place:

⦁ First things first, make sure your pet has an ID tag. It doesn’t have to be long, but it should be able to resist the weather and to have all of the necessary information such as your pet’s name your name and the address you are heading to. This way even if it does get lost, it would be much easier to find him.
⦁ There is another level of protection that enables you to track your pet, which is a microchip. Today it is a very common practice for pets to have this so they wouldn’t get lost and they would be much easier to find.
⦁ Keep a picture of your pet and a short description always on hand. If there are any significant changes in the appearance of your, such as a cut, make sure you have the most recent picture.

When the actual day comes, and you have decided that you want to move with your pet, than be prepared for it. You will not be doing anyone of favor if you take that decision in the spur of the moment and than you don’t have anything prepared. First, make sure that you have a way of transporting your pet without causing him any problems and depriving him of sun light and fresh air. Then, assign someone to be responsible for the animal. The sole job of that person would be to transport the animal safely. In the end provide enough food and water so that your pet would be taken care of during a move. This way, there will be no need to worry and you can move with your pet without any problems.

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