Moving with a dog – tips and tricks

If moving is one of the most stressful events for humans that understand what’s happening, imagine how anxious is for your dog. It senses that its whole world is about to change, but it has no idea how and why. It is very important to protect your furry friend during the relocation process. Here are some tips in order to make moving with a dog less painful and easier for both of you.

Plan ahead when moving with a dog

Good planning is the key to every successful relocation and its especially important when moving with a pet. You need to consider a lot of things in order to make this transition easier. The more research you do, the less chance is that you will encounter some unpleasant surprise.

Before the move make sure to:

  • Research the local laws – The pet law in one state can be different in the other one. It is your job to inform about the leash laws or are there some breed bans in the area that you wish to relocate to. While you can find the landlord that doesn’t have anything against the breed of your dog, some higher instance maybe do. Some local governments, neighborhood associations, and insurance companies do not allow certain breeds in their areas.
  • If you haven’t already, get your dog microchipped – There has to be the way for your dog to be identified. As the owner, it is your responsibility to get it a microchipped. Also, make sure to write your cell number on its collar, just in case.
  • Visit a vet – While researching the local laws is important, the health of your dog should be your number one concern. Try to find out does the area that you wish to relocate have ticks, heartworm, or leptospirosis. If there are records of that, take your dog to the vet for some preventative medications or any new vaccinations. Either way, taking your dog to the vet before the move is necessary.
Dog at a vet - Take your pouch to the vet before moving with a dog.
You need to get your dog’s medical file and take it for the final checkout of its health before you hit the road.

Prepare your dog for the trip

When it comes to moving with a dog, some preparations are in order.
If your dog is going to be in a crate during the travel to your new home, you need to train it for that. While most dogs don’t have a problem with being in a crate, it will be very traumatizing to put your dog in a crate for the first time on your moving day. Just imagine how you will feel if somebody does that to you. It is important for a dog to get used to the crate.
Start crate training your dog at least one month before the move.

If your dog is going to be free in the backseat of your car, that will also need some preparations. Especially if it never been in the car in the first place. Start training it for the big trip, by driving around the block. Then make long drives. Sooner than you know it, your pup will be fully a custom to be your driving wingman.

Dog in the backseat of the car
This preparation will help your dog to adjust to longer road trips.

It’s important to distress when you’re moving with a dog

Moving with a dog is a lot more stressful than moving alone. It is a living been that depends on you completely and since every change in your behavior. Think about it like moving with a toddler. You need to help your dog coping with a move with the same care that you will be helping your kids to cope with relocation.
It is a member of your family, and you have to treat it that way. When you are under stress, your dog will be nervous too. It doesn’t know what’s going on. All the familiar household items are now in the moving boxes and it senses a big change coming its way.

Release its tension by spending quality time with your dog. Take it to the walk and try not to disrupt its routine until the moving day. If you’re moving a short distance, drive to the new neighborhood and give your pouch a walk around the block. That way, it can get familiar with its new surroundings before the move, which will make the transition easier.

Also, spending time with your dog will be beneficial to you too. Taking a break on the fresh air will clear your mind and help you to better focus on the rest of the moving tasks.

Woman playing with a dog - Great way to distress when moving with a dog.
Give your dog enough love and attention during the moving preparations.

When the moving day arrives

If you’ve hired a moving company for your relocation, there are some things that your movers want you to know. Amongst other things, that you should keep your pet away from your home on a moving day. Loose dog on the premises is putting endanger itself, your movers and your belongings. It’s not the question is your dog aggressive or not – it’s a logistical issue. Your pup will be curious to see what is going on.

It can tangle in the moving strips or trip some movers carrying the box full of your stuff. If you lock it in the room, that will be even more confusing to it. The best solution is to ask the close friend or the family member to take care of it for the moving day. Doggy-care is also a good solution, but your pouch will be more comfortable with the people that it already knows.

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