Moving to USA: what you need to know

Even in the 19th century, people saw USA as a land of promise, and not withour good reason. The land contained vast lands and lot of resources, such as copper, gold, coal, you name it. Even today, people still see it as a land of golden opportunity – a place where you can make your dreams come true. While these things are true to an extent, there are some things you should know before you begin moving to USA:

1.  USA is a very broad term

Let’s get some things out of the way first: the USA is a very big place. It is also very diverse. This applies to everything: job opportunities, lifestyle choices, locals laws and customs, and, well, everything else. You will find that things are quite different in Las Vegas than in, say, Brooklyn or Miami. What is perfectly legal in one state may get you prison time in another – another thing to watch out for. Population-wise, USA is about half of Europe. Size-wise, it is roughly the same. You probably know how culturally rich Europe is. Well, in short, same applies to USA.

Moving to USA in a van
Moving to USA is a very enriching experience.

2. Whatever your career needs, you will find it

As I mentioned, the USA is very diverse. Same could even be said of individual states. However, a lot of it depends on what state you’re moving into. Some states are simply business-friendly. This means that the tax rates are low, job opportunities are everywhere and it’s easy to start a business yourself. These states are:

  • Colorado – Colorado has lowest unemployment rate in the United States. This means that there are employee shortages there, and job opportunities in abundance. This has, however, hiked up the labor prices and negatively impacted hiring policies.
  • Minnesota – considering the high tax rates, it might seem counterintuitive. However, the statistics show that businesses generally tend to get a lot of value for their money. What they do have is a great education system. This means that you will easily find highly skilled employees.
  • California – extremely high mortgage rates as well as tax rates, highest minimum wage in USA. This seems ceven more counterintuitive than Minnesota. What could possibly attract a young professional there? Why, the Silicon Valley! All the tech giants are what keeps the Californian economy going and growing. If you’re an IT expert, it’s place to go to!
  • Last but definitely not least is Washington. The reason why it attracts so many people looking to make a career is, well, because Amazon, Costco and Boeing are there. Washington attract over a billion in investment capital per year. This means that businesses almost sprout from the ground like mushroooms after rain.

3. “But moving to USA doesn’t have to be just about career prospects!”

You’re absolutely right. But it still is the primary reason why people chose to come and live in USA. So, what else does USA have to offer? For example, religious diversity. Whatever your confession may be, you will likely find a group of like-minded practitioners nearby. Whatever your quirk is, trust me, you will not find yourself alone.

Moving to USA as depicted in a book.
When moving to USA, make sure you know your future prospects.

4. Politically speaking, it’s more diverse than you think

You probably heard about the major issues dividing the USA of today: gun control, taxes, women’s rights, immigration, etc. You also probably know that there are two major political parties in the US: Democrat and Republican. What may not be so obvious is that not everyone belonging to either of those parties has the same attitude regarding these issues. For example, libertarians may well vote Republican, but differ from the “mainstream” republicans on immigration customs. Rest assured that there will, as is the case with religion, always be a group that you can belong to.

5. Real estate prices have risen considerably

If you’re planning on buying a home after moving to USA, know that you will surely need some cash. However, much actually depends on the individual state. Real estate prices in California are the highest, the average home costing $549.000! The prices are, furthermore, expected to rise. On the other end stands Ohio, where the median home value is at about $120.000. Still, all projections point to the prices rising in the near future. This means that, the longer you wait to move, the more you will eventually have to pay. Wages and inflation are currently stagnating though, so it is best to act quickly: right after moving to USA.

Moving to USA: what you need to know
If you want to buy a home in USA, be prepared to spend a lot of money

6. You should hire a reliable mover, and, yes, this is a must.

Yes, it sounds like a cliche. But it is imperative that you find a good moving company. This depends on whether you’re coming from Europe, Eastern Asia, Latin America or Canada. Obviously, Canada is the easiest option, while shipping your valuables from across the Ocean to USA might seem more complex. It goes without saying that you should move your valuables yourself. You should also dispose of things you do not need. Make sure you wrap, pack and protect every item that needs protection. Your movers, no matter how good they are, cannot assume responsibility for roadside accidents. However, you should still do research on your local companies. Have they been subject to any lawsuits? What are the user reviews? Do they use a rental truck, instead of their own? Is the paperwork incomplete? That’s a lot of red flags, and, yes, you have to watch out for all of them.

7. Do not forget to enjoy the transition!

You’re moving to the land of the free and home of the brave, after all. Not many people get to say that about themselves. That is, after all, the land of opportunity – however, the outcome is not guaranteed. That one is up to you. What that means is that you get the chance to make something out of your career, and by making the right lifestyle choices, you will end up with accomplishments beyond count. For all that is worth, that is not an opportunity to miss! Moving to USA is something many people desire, but few can actually achieve.

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