Moving to Ontario as a student

When people say that college was the best time of their lives, they are not lying! You will be moving away from your parents’ nest and have a chance to become completely independent. Also, in a way, you will become your own person. But, what people, that is, students, fear the most is the actual process of relocation and saying goodbye to everybody they love and everything they are familiar with. However, it is just something that has to be done. Luckily, we are here to help you out! Keep on reading if interested in some useful tips and tricks when moving to Ontario as a student.

Take Care of Your Paperwork

This is probably the most boring part of any international relocation. But, again, it is something you must do in order to move to another state or even a city. Bear in mind that you will be moving away from your family and that your parents cannot help you out once you are in Ontario. So, when moving to Ontario as a student, besides all the documents related to your college and your studies, you should check the following too:

  • Check if your ID and passport are not expired
  • Make sure that your social security card, birth certificate and, of course, the previously mentioned ID card and passport are always by your side.
  • Take out your health insurance card and required medical records. If you are drinking any medications, get prescriptions from your doctor before you relocate.
  • If you plan on driving after moving to Ontario as a student, be sure to transfer your driver’s license.
  • Make sure you have copies of all important documents related to school.
  • Do not forget to open a bank account and get your credit card before moving to Ontario.
A woman writing down all the necessary things for moving to Ontario.
When moving to Ontario as a student, start preparing your paperwork on time!

Find a Place to Live before Moving to Ontario

It goes without saying that before moving to Ontario, and calling to relocate your belongings, you must find a place to live first. As a student, you have two options – to live in a dorm or to live in an apartment. In order to make this decision, you must take your needs and your budget into consideration. Of course, living in a dorm is much cheaper, but it comes with many disadvantages too. For example, you will certainly be living with a roommate and have less privacy. Also, dorms are really tiny, so you will also have to downsize a lot and live only with essentials. On the other side, when living in the apartment by yourself, you will have more space and more privacy. However, bear in mind that in Ontario, rents come with hefty price tags.

Two friends sitting on a couch and smiling.
Consider finding a roommate even if you plan o living in an apartment if, of course, you want to save money.

Decide What You Will Bring With You

Now that you know where you will live, it is time to decide what you will bring with you when moving to Ontario. As previously mentioned, living in Ontario will come with hefty price tags. So, do not bother bringing every single item you have, as you will not have a place to put them. And that is one of the most important life-saving moving tips for college students. It would also be a good idea to find a dorm or apartment that is already equipped with all the necessary furniture. Also, contact your new roommate and make an agreement on who is bringing what. When living tiny, you do not want to have any doubles.

Then, sort out your clothing – everyday clothes, pajamas and underwear, gym clothes, and something formal. In Ontario, winters are really cold, so prepare all your winter outfits too. Pack your bedding, electronic devices, study materials, kitchen utensils, toiletries and similar. Just make sure not to overpack. Also, do not bring items that can be easily and cheaply bought once you arrive. Focus on the essentials!

Find a Moving Agency

Of course, all your family and friends will be helping you out. But, bear in mind that when moving to Ontario as a student, you will have to take care of a million things. So, do yourself a favor and hire a moving agency and they will offer you assistance when settling down in Brantford or in any other city in Ontario. They can pack all the things you chose to bring with you. And, you will not have to worry whether everything is packed well, or whether it will arrive on time. Movers are trained and experienced people who know how to properly pack, relocate and ship fragile items safely to another country. Your only job will be to decide what to bring with you to Ontario, and the movers will do the rest.

A woman sitting next to her suitcase.
Pack one suitcase with the most important items which will be by your side at all times.

Enjoy the Best Years of Your Life

Now, after the packing is done and all the stuff is relocated, and you have finally settled in, it is time to meet your new colleagues and, of course, meet Ontario. Be open-minded! Once you move to Ontario, you will see that there are people form different cultural backgrounds. Everybody will have different beliefs, different mindsets, and different customs. At first, you will be surprised, but later on, those same people will become your best friends. Also, be sure to take advantage of everything Ontario offers. Take advantage of every new opportunity. Try to join many activities and attend different events that will help you meet new people and get accustomed to the Canadian lifestyle. And, lastly, make every moment count!

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