Moving to Denmark: 4 types of food you won’t find easily

Moving to another nation means experiencing a new culture, customs, getting to know a distinct dining scene, arts, music, etc. You must’ve learned how to prepare for an international location so far, and don’t get us wrong, all this is great, but there are simply some things that you’ll miss about America, especially foodies, and some that you won’t easily find abroad. Our topic for today is 4 types of food you won’t find easily when moving to Denmark, and those are:

  • pancakes
  • cookies
  • peanut butter
  • Chinese food

What type of food will you miss the most when moving to Denmark?

When we speak of things to know before buying a house remotely, we also have to consider what’s it like to live far away. There are always new things to look forward to. On the other hand, there are foods, such as pancakes, that you won’t easily find when moving to Denmark. Denmark pancakes simply cannot make up for fluffy and juicy pancakes American cuisine has on offer. First, their pancakes are way different, and even their version of ”American pancakes” can’t substitute for the delicious taste we are used to.

A man holding a fork and plate with pancakes covered in chocolate cream
If moving to Denmark, you’ll probably have to
make pancakes like this guy in the photo.

Good luck, sweet tooths!

Soon after Transparent International NYC has assisted with your move to Denmark, you’ll find out that brownies there are, well, not brownies. They can’t be when they lack that fudgy, soft, and melty structure we are used to. Quite the contrary, they’re floury, hard, and dry. We wish you luck with finding a good chip cookie.

Moving to Denmark means no peanut butter sandwiches

Speaking of food, we suggest not throwing away your supplies when relocating. You can donate food when moving and help people near you. That would be nice of you. Now, to get back to the story – yet another type of food you’ll miss so badly after relocating to Denmark is peanut butter. Unfortunately, the difference in concentration of peanuts in the butter goes from 10-20%, and you can feel it ”on the first bite”.

Sandwiches with peanut butter and jam, rarely seen consumed when moving to Denmark
Peanut butter found in Denmark can’t compare to high-quality U.S. butter.

So long Chinese food

When the time for moving preparations comes, feel free to browse, and you know what you should also do? Check where you can eat Chinese food. Even though not coming from the U.S. dining scene, Chinese food is an integral part of American cuisine. Unfortunately, Denmark has not as diverse a culinary scene as the U.S., and coming across a Chinese fast food restaurant would be a jackpot.

Does moving intimidate you?

An overseas move is an intimidating experience indeed. Luckily, when a group of experts has your back, nothing can possibly go wrong when moving to Denmark. And don’t worry too much about pancakes and the rest. You’ll discover new foods not typical for your country of origin and enjoy every bite.

Good luck with your move and this new chapter of your life!

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