Moving to Ashland, MA – should you buy or rent a house?

One of the first things one needs to think about when planning a move is whether to buy or rent the new living space. And although it may seem like an easy-to-make decision, things are not that simple at all. There are so many things in question and you need to take them seriously. Now, if your next moving destination is Ashland, well try to give you a helping hand on the topic. See some of the facts that will give you an answer to the question- should you buy or rent a house in Ashland?

Make some calculations

Many would say that monthly rents are a money waste. The fact is that if you do some calculations, and you put all your rents together, after some time that will be enough to buy yourself a house. In Ashland, for example, most people own their homes. And if we talk about the exact figures, the average home value goes around $386,000, while monthly rents rarely go above $1,350.

There is a man counting some banknotes before deciding whether to buy or rent a house in Ashland.
Keep the monthly balance.

Additional expenses that can help you decide whether you should buy or rent a house in Ashland

  • Maintenance– When you choose to live in a rented property, you will probably leave the maintenance questions to the landlord. He should be responsible for the repairs and other similar stuff. On the other hand, if you yourself are the owner, that’s your and your task only. What’s more, most people usually decide to remodel and renovate their homes immediately after buying them. However, one thing is for sure- you will always have to invest in your property if you own it.
  • Utilities and living costs in general– No matter what choice you make, power, water, and gas bills are something you’ll definitely need to pay on monthly basis. And, if you’re among those who, after the move, will need some additional storage space at 126 Self Storage, don’t forget to add this monthly rent, as well. For the house owners, these expenses are extras to the loan payments. On the other hand, when it comes to rentals, the good news is that some of them include utilities, as well.

The reason for your move

Another very important factor in making a choice between renting and buying a property in Ashland is the reason for your move. If you have decided to change your living place permanently, buying a property is definitely a long-distance solution. However, if your relocation has to do with your job, your education, or if you simply want to try living with your best friend or a partner, renting makes much more sense.

There are two girls sitting on the street, smiling.
It’s not easy to find a roommate.

Paying for rent also seems like a rational solution if you’re a newcomer in Ashland. Since you still don’t know the city, you can never tell whether or not you will stay there long term. However, when you finally make up your mind, it will be much easier to choose between buying or renting a house.

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