Moving in retirement – How to do it properly

Most Americans show a desire to age in a place where they live their whole life, but retirement brings many new things with it, so it can make an ideal time to relocate, sell your home or simply downsize. Kids grow and move out, have their own lives, and need for proximity to work is no longer a thing, so many seniors love moving in retirement. Some seniors relocate because they want to change the climate, some want to be close to their children and family, and some simply move because of the financial circumstances. Whatever the reason for your moving in retirement is, you should do it properly. Here is the list of things that should be considered when relocating.

Make a list of potential moving locations

We all know and dream about places to which we want to go to, but reality, unfortunately, is a different thing. You need to know what is it that you’re looking for, and what kind of environment and society you want to live in. This should be the time when all decisions that are made are smart ones. You want to have a clear idea about reality in these situations.

By making the list, you can be sure that you will choose wisely and not make a mistake. Taking enough time and putting down a moving list is crucial in the next steps of a moving in retirement process. The list should also consist of the things that you want from your new location and the things that you want to do at your new home. In the end, there will be a solid list that will be extremely helpful in the whole relocation process.

Making a list is a crucial part of moving in retirement.

Discuss your potential moving in retirement with your family

When deciding on a new location for your move, you always want to keep your family in mind. Of course, they won’t be coming with you, but they should be involved in the process, and you want their opinion, too. Keep them informed and in the loop about your potential retirement relocation. They will feel flattered and will appreciate sharing your ideas with them. Although moving away from family can be tough, you will feel much better when it comes to making a final decision about your home in the future.

Travel to the places that you’re thinking about moving to

It is surprising how many people make a mistake by deciding to move to a place that they have never visited. You definitely want to visit a place that you are moving into, especially when moving in retirement. Visiting opens many options and possibilities for seeing and checking out everything you want to know about the place.

It is important to travel to the desired location during different times of the year. This gives you ideas and information about the climate as well. Knowing what weather to expect during the whole year can be a principal part of a process, and it will allow you to be sure that the area is suitable for your life in the future.

clouds from a plane
Visit all the potential relocation locations and you’ll get a new perspective about them.

Move smart

Make a list of your moving options in your desired place. Be sure that you know where you want to live. Is it in a retirement community, among the people who are like you, or maybe you want to buy a property with a lot of land so you can enjoy living in the country? It is up to you. Whatever you choose, it is important that you move smart. Having this list can make the decision much easier to sort out.

Hire a good moving company

There are many moving companies out there so choosing the right one is not an easy task. Keeping your belongings safe and undamaged is a crucial thing. Luckily, there are some companies that specialize in moving senior citizens. A Senior Sensitive Service is one of them. They will know how to help and will be able to properly make moving in retirement happen.

Have a list of services that you want in your new area

Making this list shouldn’t be overlooked. Many things affect if we are happy or not. This list should help with that. Put on in anything and everything that you want. Hospitals, museums, theater, skiing, whatever makes you happy. Even simple things, like having newspapers delivered, should be on this list. It is all part of the process of choosing the right neighborhood and it will make a lot of sense when you start checking out places.

Be sure that you want to move

There is one question that you should ask yourself. Is there anything wrong with your current home? Many people just assume that they will or should move in retirement. It is nice to think about a new carefree life at some nicer and better place than the one you’re currently at, but is it a real thing? Far fewer people move in retirement than you may think.

After spending years, or even decades on building a home, friendships, and community all in one place, is it really worth it to move to another city or state? Be sure to ask yourself all of those questions, and if the answer is still positive, you are ready. Of course, you can meet a lot of new friends wherever you want to be, and moving in retirement is not always a bad decision.

An old man thinking about moving in retirement.
Think about your current home. Is there anything wrong with it?

Be sure that you can afford your move

Depending on where you live now, moving in retirement may be even a cheaper option. Some places are very expensive to live in, so this topic should be on your list of priorities too. Housing prices in some cities are over the roof, so renting is not a thing that you should run from. It allows for a more flexible lifestyle than being attached to one house. Also, changing homes as locations is an option when renting. Bored of an apartment or house? Just find a new one.

Making a decision

In the end, the decision to move will probably be a mix of an emotional and financial choice. Be sure to pick a place where you will be the happiest and where your money will go the furthest. Don’t rush and think thoroughly about the decisions involved in moving in retirement. Hopefully, this article will help, and you will enjoy your retirement.

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