Moving into a small home with a large family – Florida edition

Moving into a small home with a large family is becoming very popular. Tiny homes are becoming very popular too. Actually, in the last decade, they made quite a bit of fuss. People seem to like the minimalistic approach and there are some plus sides in living small.

The best part (and every mom will confirm this) is there is no vacuuming like crazy for hours like you have to when you live in a huge house. The second benefit is that it forces kids to take their play outside which is much healthier than just sitting around the house and playing video games all day long. Most people like to make eco-friendly small houses and that can be so nice and practical! So as you can see there are quite a lot of benefits. Of course, you will be able to find some downsides, but at the end of the day, it’s up to what you like and need. Your family too of course.

How to make a small home practical for a large family

Small living has so many great solutions. Nowadays designers made almost everything happen. In China, you can see some amazing condos with 6 people living there with only one room. Of course, you don’t have to go to extremes but there are ways to make a small home very practical you just need to plan ahead. Murphy beds can be amazing solutions for tiny rooms. Also, kids can share a bedroom, which will only make them closer. Hiring an interior designer that specialised in tiny living is an ideal solution if you plan on remodeling the place after buying it.

A big family
Some big families can function just fine in a small home.

Moving from a big home to a small home with a large family

This can be challenging. But if you plan on making it happen there is always a solution. Not to mention it can be much less expensive living in a small place. Florida is not one of the expensive states but still, a big house means bigger bills. It’s also more expensive to buy. There is no need to talk about that topic more it’s only logical. There is one thing that can be quite problematic if you lived in a big place and now you are moving into a small one – household items. Over the years you like everybody else probably collected a lot of them. Especially when the kids came. There is no need to get rid of them all (of course decluttering is a must but not everything is junk). There will be no place in your new home for all that so you need to find a solution. Here we can help.

Renting storage in Florida near your new home

This can be a solution. This is the best one we have to offer you actually and it pretty much solves everything. After you are done with decluttering you will know exactly what you have and what you need (also you will know what is junk and you will get rid of it). Beloved household items that you hold dear and need but not often can be stored somewhere safely near your new home. That way whenever you need something you can simply go get it but won’t be in a way in your new place. Make sure to talk to your movers about that as they will be the ones handling transportation of your entire household. Some items go to your new home and some to storage. If you have a lot of furniture think about temperature-controlled storage.

The interior of a storage facility you can use when moving into a small home with a large family.
Renting storage near your new home might be the best solution.

Moving to Florida with a large family

It doesn’t really matter where you are moving from. If you are up for a long-distance relocation with a lot of family members you will be needing professional help. There are movers like that can handle big families easily. You might be able to do it on your own but if you are traveling with kids or seniors you can afford to deal also with heavy lifting, transportation, logistics, and other boring parts of every move. That can be overwhelming. Focus on your family and let professionals do what they do best – relocate you stress-free.

A pile of moving boxes next to a moving truck.
If you hire professional movers they will deal with all the heavy lifting.

Preparing the kids for relocation to Florida

If you have kids aged 5 or up, simply mention that you will be living near Disneyland. All jokes aside, if you have toddlers or babies you won’t have any problems. School kids and teenagers are harder to handle. For them, there is a lot of explanation necessary. They can have a hard time accepting that you need to move and make some changes like the fact that you plan on living in a small home with a large family. But if you level with them, talk calmly about the reason and the process that lays in front of you soon enough you will all be on the same side.

Living in a small home with a large family in Florida

As we stated before, moving in a small place with a large family will only make you go outside more. In that case, Florida is the perfect state for you. The weather is always great and there are so many sunny days you can’t even count them. If you by any luck are living somewhere near the beach there will be no reason to be locked inside the house all day long. Not when you can enjoy all those charming beaches Florida has to offer. But don’t worry, there is always a lot of entertainment besides enjoying the beach. Florida is much more than just a senior paradise so do a bit of research and start having fun in your new home and neighborhood.

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