Can moving house affect dogs?

Are you moving with a pet? How moving house affect dogs and how to help them adjust? Dogs also feel something is going on and they know that they are not in the same home as before.

Some dogs can feel depressed, scared, sad, sick, etc. That is why you need to prepare yourself and your dog for relocation. Pay attention to them before and after moving too. Moving definitely will affect your dog. How much – depends on your dog. And also, depends on you too.

To prepare for your upcoming relocation, you don’t need just to take care of packing and transporting your items. When moving with a dog or dogs, it takes much more.

How moving house affect dogs?

What dog can feel during moving and after moving?

  • Fear and confusion – moving can freak out your dog, unfortunately. New environment, new smells, new home, this can be very confusing.
  • Geographic disorientation – walking in walking the streets, new dogs in the park, different people, they may feel a little disoriented. Moving house affects dogs in many different ways, especially if moving long-distance.
  • Adjusting to a new lifestyle – if you are moving in with another person, your dog routine and lifestyle will change too. Especially if you have another dog and another animal in a new home.
  • Sometimes it goes smoothly – this is the best-case scenario. Some dogs do not feel sad or confused. If you are giving them enough love and attention, it should be easy and smooth.
A dog and a woman sitting alone.
Can moving house affect dogs? Yes, our best friends might suffer.

Help your dog adjust after moving house

Moving with a pet is not that easy. These tips may help your dog feel better.

Drinking tea after moving with a friend.
Don’t leave your dog alone for too long and explore the city together

Don’t buy new gear

Immediately after moving, many people want to buy new stuff for dogs. But, it is not a good idea because of many different reasons. Keep an old dog bed and bowls for food and water. A house is different, but those items should be in your new house for a couple of weeks.

Keep old routines

Your dog should eat at the same time as before and take him/her out the same way you did before. Changing home and the environment is enough for your dog. You don’t need to change other things too. Also, don’t leave your dog alone in a new house for too long after moving. Start with 10 minutes, then 20 minutes, 1 hour, etc.

Pack essential moving box for your dog

Before moving, pack an essential box for your dog and it should contain food, treats, water, a favorite dog’s toy, a blanket, and a dog’s bed.

Spend time with your dog

Don’t save your love and spend time with your dog on the floor. Can moving house affect dogs? Yes – but with a lot of loving and playing together, it will be O.K. Be patient, and play and walk together.


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