Moving from Oregon to Washington in less than 10 days

When we talk about moving, we always have the perfect image in our heads. By that, we mean that you have enough time to plan and execute everything to the tiniest detail. But what to do when it’s not like that? When you’re pressured into moving out in, say, a week? There are different guides on how to move the easiest way, but you probably won’t have time to research. That’s why we made you a present to keep by your hand – a guide to moving from Oregon to Washington in less than 10 days.

Take a deep breath

First things first, you need to get the stress out of the picture. Sit down, and make the most of the time you have. Try to make a plan, and try to stick to it. If you need movers, and you probably do, do it right away. Make sure to schedule a date, and then organize according to that. Lucky for you, Washington is a big city, and there are a lot of experienced movers available.

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Prepare to plan fast!

Moving from Oregon to Washington in less than 10 days

This is the time to use the maximum of your potentials. We know this isn’t a long period of time, whatever the reason led to that, but it can be done. Let’s start:

Gather supplies

First things first, you’ll want to provide all the necessary packing supplies: bubble wrap, boxes, tapes, bags, styrofoam, makers… Whatever you need. You don’t want to stop your packing in order to go to the store for something, so make sure you have more than enough!


When it comes to home decluttering, you can easily get carried away. But remember, we’re short of time. Try to leave behind anything that you don’t 100% need. The less you have to pack, the better. Make three piles – yes, no, and donate. That way you’ll get around ore easily.

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Donate the clothes you don’t need

Change the address

One more thing that can easily get overlooked when you’re in a hurry. When you’re moving from Oregon to Washington, it is crucial to change your address and documents, because of the bills, and to cancel or transfer your phone, cable, and whatever else you’ve got.

Donate what you can

Some things can be moved easily, but some don’t. We talk about the food. Normally, you’ll have to empty your fridge and pantry. You may be able to bring some canned food with you, but wouldn’t it feel better to give it to someone who doesn’t have enough? If you’re not sure what to do, look online, since there are a lot of places and shelters that accept food donations. Make someone happy today.

Ready for some extreme packing?

We know that in your mind, you’re probably already in your new house, and deciding where to start with your cleaning. And though it’s more exciting than this, you have to do it in order to enjoy your new home. So get up and start packing! Moving from Oregon to Washington is not gonna happen on its own.

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