Moving out for the first time: a helpful guide

It doesn´t matter how old you are, moving out for the first time is scary at any age. Of course, you don´t deal with the same problems when you are 16 as you would if you were 50, but nevertheless… It is a big step. There are many aspects to be considered when it comes to this important life decision. Although everyone tells you not to be scared or anxious you can´t help but feel precisely that. If you take into consideration not just the emotional but also the material aspects of this experience it comes as a no surprise that people usually fear it.

People don´t seem to take this decision lightly, but sometimes the situation is unexpected and it has to be abrupt. If it is connected with a trauma, or some type of loss, the tool that it takes can be overwhelming. But, this step can also be taking you to some bigger and better things. So, let´s see how you can be prepared and enjoy it.

Deal with the emotional tool of moving out for the first time

Tips about moving out for the first time
Moving out for the first time can be really scary

Like we have mentioned you can do it when you are 15, as a rebellious teenager. Or you can do it when you are 50, after a heartbreaking divorce. It doesn´t have to be something negative, perhaps you are moving out for your job or your partner. In any case, moving out for the first time is scary as hell. The worst thing you can do is not recognize this emotional tool and try to shove it under the carpet. Emotions don´t work like that. They will not go away just because you pretend that they are not there.

In order to be able to process this event and continue to the next stage of your life freely, take some steps that will help you to deal with it in a healthy way. Here are some helpful tips for moving out for the first time:

  • Say goodbye to everyone that formed a part of your life back then one on one and dedicate to them some part of your time and energy
  • Throw a farewell party and invite everyone you want to see one more time before you go, even if it´s just briefly
  • Pack a bag of memories you want to carry with you and revisit your memories when you feel nostalgic or overwhelmed
  • Try not to look at this situation as something negative but shed more focus on the excitement and new beginnings

Deal with fear by being prepared and doing your homework

Fear is always present when we are faced with something unknown, such as moving out for the first time. It wouldn´t be true to say that the fear is irrational. It is normal that you are scared because you will deal with a lot of things that are unknown to you. The best way to beat that fear is to be prepared. If it isn´t necessary, moving out for the first time shouldn´t be rash or hectic. It should require a lot of preparation and research. On our blog, you can find a lot of helpful articles, such as this one – countdown of things you should do before you move out.

Ideas about moving out for the first time
Explore every option before you move out for the first time

If you really want for your move to be successful and for you to feel fulfilled afterward, you should do your research. Many questions will revolve around in your head. Where should I move to? Who should I live with? How should I pack? All of these questions seem scary. But none of them are. Every one of them just takes up the time to figure out. With careful planning, you can let go of the fear completely and make the task of moving out for the first time a very pleasant one.

Before moving out for the first time calculate your budget

When it comes to moving out for the first time after the emotional, the second most important aspect to consider is budgeting. We are going to take a wild guess and say you do not have enough money. That is usually the case, so it´s not such a wild guess. The reasons why this happens is because people don´t have in mind all of the additional, hidden costs that come with moving. That is why, unless there is a pressuring need, you should postpone your relocation until you have gathered enough money.

When it comes to moving there is a lot of fees people don´t consider. Down payments, additional fees, costs of moving company… Do your budget thoroughly and check this article for additional help. Don´t forget about the costs of renovation if it is necessary to do so. Keep in mind that you are going to need to have some emergency money as well. When it comes to living alone, independence comes at a cost. Sometimes a broken air condition makes a lot of difference. Don´t let the problems happen to you leaving you lost, anticipate them and be prepared.

Moving out for the first time: Independency vs. Obligations

When you take this amazing step, many will be envious. There are a lot of perks that come with living this way. You will have a lot of freedom and you will be in charge for everything. Let us just say that one more time – YOU will be in charge of everything. That means that the toilet paper will not magically appear in the bathroom and that the light bulbs need to be changed from time to time.

With great power comes great responsibility. Consult your parents about what does it mean to be in charge of a household. Make sure you know how to pay your bills in the cheapest way possible and what are the other ways to save time and money. Also, make a plan about cleaning and maintaining your household as that is now your responsibility as well. Try to make it fun and exciting and don´t be scared in advance. You can still ask for help and you don´t have to go through it alone.

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