Moving back with your parents after college

Are you considering moving back with your parents after college until you make a different life plan? Can it be a good idea, and what are the disadvantages of moving back? Before you make the final decision, consider other options, and organize your relocation. You are starting a new life, life after college is exciting and sometimes stressful because the real-life and real problems are coming. Be prepared and make a plan for your future life and career.

Hiring a company for moving from college

Moving after college is a must, no matter where will you move. Back with your parents, or moving in with your best friend, or in your own apartment, etc. You must pack your items from a college dorm and start a new life and career. How to transport your items safely, easy, and affordable? It is not your first relocation, you moved to college and now it is time to move out of college.

The best way is to hire a professional and reliable moving company to transport all your moving boxes to your parent’s home. One of the companies to consider is Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV. You can hire a company together with your college friends and split expenses (if you are moving to the same city). This way you will save money on your move.

Renting a temporary storage unit

Many students are looking for storage in the process of moving out of dorm and to save money, you can rent it together with your friends and split the costs. This way your items will be in a safe place and you don’t have to worry.

Good sides of moving back to your parents home and home town

Moving back to your parents home may be a challenge after you have lived on your own during the studies. However, it is not that bad. On the other hand, many of us may not find a steady job or a source of income to live on our own. That is the main reason people decide to move back in with their parents. This process takes patience and adjusting. however, this may not be the worst thing for many reasons.

The best thing about coming back to live with your parents after college is home comfort we all are used to. Who doesn’t love their mom’s cooking, right? If you have a good relationship with your parents, moving back home won’t be so hard. You will have a chance to reconnect with your family and enjoy the time you spend together. Choose between different moving options in Northern Virginia and move back to your parents’ home, because it has advantages too.

Moving back with your parents after college and sitting with them.
You will spend more time with your family, so use that time to bond

Looking for a new job from home

Moving back with your parents after college may be a good thing because you will have enough time to focus and look for a new job. That may help you save a bit of money at the same time and you can save money on moving services.  In case you are looking for a new steady job and income to move out of your parent’s home, you may need to prepare.  Make sure you create a to-do list and find all available jobs in the area you are interested in. Before starting your job hunt, make sure to check and adapt your CV before applying.

Social life

One of the good aspects of moving back home is having your old friend nearby. This is the best thing about moving back to your home town. Some of your old friends may still live in your home town. You can see them and enjoy hanging out whenever you want.  You can see friends in person as much as you want without the help of your phone or a computer.

Your old neighborhood and your close friends near can provide a sense of belonging and give you the strength to figure out your next step. Your friends or parents may even help you when finding new employment.

Practice for adult independent living

After you settle in your parent’s home, you can make their life easier and help out a bit around the house. Doing various house chores can prepare you for future independent living. You can always find out about the new recipe from your mom and learn how to make your favorite meal all by yourself.

A sofa.
Family home is warm and cozy, but after a while you need to move out

Bad sides of moving back with your parents after college

Moving in with your parents after college has disadvantages too. Graduation an amazing accomplishment, but many students move back to the parents’ homes to save money and until they start working. Some of the disadvantages are:

  • Lack of freedom – you probably used to freedom in a college dorm, and now the rules will be different.
  • You won’t learn how to be an “adult” and to take care of your own home when moving back with your parents after college.
  • You will share living space again with someone else (your parents), especially if the house is not that big.
  • Managing your social life will be harder.
  • Privacy and independence will not be on your side.
  • It is not your permanent home, it is a temporary place where you will live.
  • Parents will take often about what will you do with your life and ask about your plans almost every day.
  • It will be hard to leave your parents’ home again when the time comes to move out, moving to college is not the same as moving from your parents’ house to another house.
A lap top.
While looking for a job, you can stay with your parents


If you are moving back with your parents after college, make a plan, and set new rules in the house. It may have a lot of benefits, and one of the most important reasons for this move is saving money. Until you figure out what is your dream job or until you start your own business after college, moving in with your parents may be one of the best solutions. Consider all your options and prepare for moving, after all, you cannot be in a college dorm the entire life.


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