Most underrated places in Texas for big families

We will be talking about some of the most underrated places in Texas for big families. These are currently pretty affordable like all up-and-coming areas and can also offer great investment opportunities. One day, when those places become very popular, your home will be worth much more than you paid for. That is a pretty good deal. Also, we will show you who can relocate you and your big family easily to one of those places. Moving a lot of family members at once can be quite challenging. That’s why you have us to show you the easy and the stress-free way to do it while avoiding common mistakes at the same time.


Is this going to be your first relocation? We can prepare you for it. Odessa is known for its oil rigs. They are also known for cowboy culture and football enthusiasm. Odessa is one of the nicest spots for big families in Texas. If you go there, you will be able to experience authentic Texan cultural influences in action. This city has a lot more to offer you besides football. You will easily find high-paying jobs, which are important since you have a big family to support. We considered everything, not just job opportunities. Odessa has amazing educational options and inexpensive housing. All of those make Odessa a great place for you and this is where you should start your research.

Grand Prarie

If you are looking for a great spot to live with your big family in Texas, Grand Prairie should be on your list. It’s on ours!  Most people who live in Grand Prairie own their own houses, making it a densely populated suburb with a strong sense of community. That can be nice for big families.  There are numerous parks in this area, which is something that kids will appreciate. Grand Prairie has a large population of families and young professionals, and its citizens tend to be liberal. That means that this area is relaxed and focused on more important things like educating kids. When it comes to safety, they have very low crime rates.

A man laying the guitar in the street of one of the most underrated places in Texas for big families.
They are also known for great country music.

Fort Worth

Fort Worth is a great place to live. They have a lively downtown and an attractive city center. Many young professionals, seniors, students, and families are coming to the area because of its excellent job market, diverse culture, and kind welcome. They are also known for their great southern food. Neighbors are pretty friendly which makes settling in much easier. Although home prices in Fort Worth have risen in recent years, they are still affordable. Fort Worth’s housing costs are 22% less expensive than the state average. Many families from Fort Worth are relocating to NYC to find better job opportunities so research the job market before you decide.


There are over 1,500 people living in Westlake, a Fort Worth suburb. There are a lot of great and family-friendly neighborhoods in this suburb of Fort Worth.  Most people in Westlake own their own homes, giving the community a rural feel. There are a lot of young families with kids there. Don’t worry, even though it’s a suburb you can still find some great parks for the kids. For the adults, there are numerous diners and coffee shops in Westlake. If you and your family decide to settle in this great suburb – the area’s experts can jump in and help you whenever you need them. Hiring professional movers is the best way to get there but they are also needed to unpack and settle in. We will talk more about them later on.


Located somewhere between San Antonio and Austin, we have a charming town called Wimberley. This town is known for its charming downtown and stunning scenery. Wimberley is a well-known destination for Austin and San Antonio residents – they come here for a calmer and more affordable life. Because of its proximity to these two well-known Texas cities, it goes unnoticed, and that’s why it’s on our list of the most underrated places in Texas for big families. In the spring, Wimberley is a great place to see wildflowers, attend arts and crafts fairs, and listen to live bluegrass music. Wimberley’s “Jacob’s Well,” a stunning underwater cave, is a must-see in the summer.

A big family
Can you imagine your family here?

Luckenbach is a tiny town

A post office, general store, and dance hall are pretty much all there is in Luckenbach. The song “Luckenbach, Texas” brought attention to this small Texas town. However, despite the song’s popularity, this Texas treasure is still underappreciated because few people actually make the effort to visit it and only a few families live here. But this place is so great for fans of country or folk music. It’s also a great place if you wish to live a peaceful and a bit rural life. For digital nomads, this can be the best location so make sure to research this tiny town. You can get a very affordable house here.

Hiring professional movers

Now that we showed you some of the underrated places in Texas that can be great for your big family. It’s up to you to choose one or to continue your research. We can talk about the next step now. That’s relocation. Heavenly Moving and Storage can help you with all your moving needs and if you need any storage – they can arrange it for you as well. Hiring professional movers is the only way to have a stress-free relocation. Especially if you are moving with your kids. They can be a handful as you already know.

A professional mover carrying a couch.
Movers will make this part much easier.

Before we go

It’s important to tell you a few things before you go. Make sure to include all family members in this decision even if your opinion is the most important one. Make them feel included. All of the most underrated places in Texas for big families that we have listed are amazing. Yet, they are all very different so make sure to research them all well before you decide. Hopefully, you will easily pick the right one. Good luck!

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