Most desirable Florida places ranked by young adults

Freshly out of college, young professionals are looking for places to start their life. There are many things to take into account when choosing a city to live in. It has to give opportunities for inexperienced workers looking for a job. The place has to be affordable and should have many young adults there who are looking to achieve the same goals. To help you, we have for your most desirable Florida places ranked by young adults. The cities we are about to mention are suitable for any new blood looking to enter the workforce and start earning money.

First on our list of most desirable Florida places ranked by young adults is Sunny Isles Beach

The city of Sunny Isles Beach is on a barren island laid on the Atlantic Ocean. This place has very diverse demographics, it is made for young adults looking to find a job. What Sunny Isles Beach offers are two things.

  • The first thing Sunny Isles Beach offers, as one of the most desirable Florida places ranked by young adults, is the comfort of a small town. Sunny Isles Beach is its community separated from Miami. You will enjoy peace without the stress of the big city.
  • The second thing Sunny Isles Beach offers is the opportunities of the big city. What do we mean by that? Sunny Isles Beach is only 13-miles away from Miami. You can leave there and go looking for a job in Miami. Miami is a hub for young adults looking to start their carrier, and you will only need to travel 20-minutes by car to get to your new job.
an areal image of Miami, Florida
Sunny Isles Beach is one of the most desirable Florida places ranked by young adults because of its proximity to Miami

Rely on team of experts to help you settle in at your new home in Sunny Isles Beach. Local movers can get your stuff there as soon as possible with no problems. They are reliable movers with a lot of experience and can provide many services.

Winter Springs

Winter Springs is in Seminole County, Florida. In the last 25 years, the city has seen population growth. As of the 2019 census, 38,000 people live in the city. The town has many young families. The median age is 41. 40% of the population is under 34 years old, which makes the city great for young adults looking to start families there. The median income at 63,000, which is the highest in Seminole County. Most of the people in Winter Springs own their homes than rent. The citizens of the city are well educated, and it offers a lot of business opportunities, mainly in these sectors:

  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • Real estate
  • Management.
An image of four girls holding drinks
A lot of people in Weston are under 35 years old

Winter Springs offers a lot of activities for its citizens. The city organizes many events, like the Food Truck Artisan Fair, Winter Springs Festival of the Arts, and many more. So get to Winter Springs with a reliable moving company that will provide you with the best moving supplies.

Third on our list of most desirable Florida places ranked by young adults is Weston

Weston is a suburb community in Broward County, Florida. This Florida city is one of the biggest earners in the state, with a median household income of 100,00-dollars, which is 40,000 more than the national average. It’s great for young adults because the median age is 40. 70% of the citizens own their homes, and when you buy your own home, you can easily find help when settling in. Local Weston movers will pack your stuff and transport it to your new Weston house. When the items arrive, they will unpack you and you can start your new life in Weston. There are many job opportunities in the city for young adults, so you don’t have to worry about job security.

Coral Gables

The city of Coral Gables is located southwest of Downtown Miami in Miami-Dade County. It has a population of 50,000 people. The median age of the population is 40 years old. The median household income is 100,00- dollars. It has a younger population mainly because the University of Miami is located in the city. Because of the university, the town provides many jobs for fresh graduates. Looking for fun in Coral Gables, visit the beach to take in some sun and swim in the ocean. Start packing your stuff carefully because there are a lot of things to do on a moving day.

An image of a beach
Relax on the beach in Coral Gables

Fifth on our list of most desirable Florida places ranked by young adults is St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the fifth largest city in Florida. It has a population of 260,000 people. St. Petersburg is in Pinellas County, Florida.

The average household income is 81,000-dollars a year. It’s has a median age of 42, which makes it great for younger people. If you decide to rent in St. Petersburg, the median rent cost is about 1,100-dollars a month contact to help you move in. Hiring these reputable movers will allow you to turn off your brain and let them handle every aspect of the move to St. Petersburg. Young workers who have a higher education than high school are needed in the city because only 30% of the population has a bachelor’s degree. So if you are well-educated, St. Petersburg is the city for you.

Plant City

The final place on our list is Plant City. Plant City is the youngest place on the with a median age of 36. It is in Hillsborough County, Florida, and has a population of 34,000 people. The median household income is 54,000. If you are looking for better opportunities, Tampa is only 22-miles away. You can live a quiet life in Plant City and grab the possibilities of a big city like Tampa.


These are some of our picks for the most desirable Florida places ranked by young adults, but the state has many more places to offer.

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