Biggest moving mistakes people make when moving with a large family

Moving with kids and family is stressful and that is why many people make mistakes when moving. There are many mistakes people make when moving with a large family but you have time to prepare now, so you will avoid them. We will teach you how to have a successful move with your entire family and how to organize it like a pro. It is not hard or impossible when you have the right guide to follow.

What are the biggest mistakes people make when moving with a large family and how to avoid them?

To avoid moving mistakes, first of all, you need to know what are the most common mistakes. People often make mistakes because they are exciting, tired, and under stress. Probably under “normal” circumstances, you would not make these mistakes.

Family eating dinner.
Have time while moving with your family and don’t change the family’s routines

Not hiring a moving company

When moving with a large family, it can be easily turn out the be messy and chaotic. Having a professional moving company can solve this problem and help you not to make mistakes. Hire a mover from your area and they will do all the hard work. This is the best solution for having a successful relocation.

Not researching a moving company

It is not enough just to hire a moving company – you must check them before hiring them. The company you will hire must be reliable, reputable, and experienced, in order not to make mistakes people make when moving with a large family. Check their license, insurance, and read online moving reviews from past clients – positive and negative feedback.

Not requesting an in-home estimate

No matter if you are moving alone or with a large family, getting an in-home moving estimate is essential. By getting it, you will know how much your move will cost you and what to expect from a moving company. You should contact a few moving companies from your area and compare their bids and services and choose the best for you.

Moving without a checklist

When moving with a large family, there are so many things to do before and after moving. But, because you need to take care of so many different tasks, it is easy to forget something and to make a mistake. Kids, pets, packing, moving, cleaning, doing paperwork, finances, organization – it is too much to handle. One of the best tricks to avoid moving mistakes is to create a checklist.

Not including a family in the moving

Moving with a large family has many benefits too, and one of those benefits is that you can assign tasks and work as a team. More people will finish moving faster and better, especially if you have older kids. You should do everything together, from choosing the best states for families with kids to packing and picking moving companies.

Packing by yourself

Don’t pack by yourself, it is too much job and very hard. The entire family should be involved in packing their own rooms. Even if you have young kids, they can pack their toys and make a game from it – who will pack faster, for example.

Working as a team to avoid mistakes people make when moving with a large family
Work as a team to avoid mistakes people make when moving with a large family

Packing all the items

To be honest, all people have a lot of things they don’t use. So, before you start packing, declutter, and separate items you want to move and want to toss. Moving with a large family means moving a lot of items. This is another reason why you should not pack all your items in the house.

Not having moving insurance

Moving a lot of items with a large family can be a mess and that is why you must have moving insurance. Buy insurance for your valuable items because anything can happen, so better be safe than sorry. There are different types of moving insurance, so choose the best one for your items.

Spending too much money on moving

Moving is not cheap, especially when you have a large family. You need to get a new home, pay for transportation, new utilities, etc. So, try to cut some of the moving costs. For instance, don’t spend too much money on buying brand new boxes, or pack without hiring professional packers, etc.

Tips for moving with a large family

As you can see there are a lot of things to take care of when moving with a large family. But, here are some tips that will make your relocation with kids easier.

  • Plan the moving process together with a family and assign the tasks to avoid mistakes people make when moving with a large family.
  • Include your kids in the moving and that will help your kids cope with moving.
  • Decide what is the best time for moving, usually, it is during the summer because kids are not in school.
  • Have a plan and organize a move in advance but be ready to make changes.
  • Make a game from moving and make it interesting for kids.
  • Declutter before packing and make an inventory.
  • Transfer kids’ school records to their new school and help them adjust faster.
  • If you are moving long-distance with family, make a fun trip to your new home.
  • Make sure you are moving to a house that is ready to move, with electricity and water.
  • Unpack kids’ items first, and make sure to have an essential moving box with you.
Family on the beach.
After moving, spend time with your family and enjoy

With the right tips and help you won’t make mistakes people make when moving with a large family. We know how scary it may be, both, for you and your family, but it is not impossible to accomplish. The key is not to panic. Good luck with a big family relocation and we hope this guide helped you.


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