Why are Mississippi small business owners moving their business to Oxford

Small business owners have a very difficult job on their hands. Keeping a small business up and running can very often be more difficult than running a mid-sized firm. There are countless obstacles that they deal with on a daily basis, including financial challenges, staff issues, etc. The list can go on for a very long time. But, one item that all entrepreneurs deal with without exception, is choosing the appropriate location for their business. In the State of Mississippi, Oxford seems to be the hottest place in the state for small businesses. So, let’s see why is that.

Why are small businesses putting down roots in Oxford, MS?

Once you decide to relocate your business, all you need to do is visit spydermoving.com. In no time their movers will handle your commercial relocation and you will be functioning at your new address in no time. But, before you get to that point you must consider all the benefits of relocating to Oxford. Before anything, you must be more than certain that this relocation would be worth your time, money, and energy.

Grate place for young and eager manpower

Once you find assistance for inventory transfer and you are ready for the second half of your business venture, you need adequate employees. If moving from afar, it is likely that your employees might not follow you to Oxford, MS. Even if some do, you will still need to supplement your squad with new members. This is a moment when you will realize that you are in luck.

A college graduate walking on her way to meet one of small business owners for employment opportunities.
In Oxford, you will find very capable employees to help you take your business to the next level.

In Magnolia State, there are over fifty universities, colleges, and similar educational institutions. Consequently, there are plenty of highly educated professionals ready to put their knowledge and ambition to good use. All you need to do is choose the best of the best and hit the ground running. Your business will be thriving in no time.

Costs of living are very reasonable

This is an excellent fact that all small business owners will cherish. In fact, Mississippi is the 13th most affordable state in the nation. You might ask yourself what does this have to do with my business? Well, in reality, a lot. Costs of living are directly linked to your rental costs, utilities, and other expenses that your business faces every single month without an exception. Also, if your employees move to Oxford with their previous salary, it is very likely that they will live very comfortably. In return, you will get motivated, grateful, and loyal employees.

Is the culture right for your business?

Small business owners that are moving their businesses to Oxford from other parts of Mississippi don’t have anything to worry about. Yet, newcomers might be put to the test. Southern charm is certainly alive and well. They don’t call it the Hospitality State for no reason. Also, it is important to keep in mind that it is one of the most religious states in the country. Naturally, the same applies to the town of Oxford. So, you must ask yourself is my business something that will thrive in such an environment. Think long and hard before you give a definite answer. This part of decision-making can indeed make or break your business.

A white welcome sing on a table with a teapot behind it.
Folks in Oxford are very welcoming towards newcomers. They are the perfect example of the well-known Southern charm.

For instance, organizing an office relocation will most likely be just fine. On the other hand, a lingerie shop might not as popular as it was in California, New York, or Miami. Since the residents are more religious and conservative, it is very possible they would be less interested in such a business.

Which sectors drive the state’s economy?

Before you decide should or shouldn’t you make the move to Oxford it is important to understand which services and manufacturing are doing well in MS. All businesses connected to retail and wholesale trade are doing extremely well. So, if you are starting a business that is linked to these sectors, you can be very optimistic. The real estate market is also very powerful. Most of Oxford’s residence are homeowners. Thus, properties are being sold and bought. Of course, we cannot forget to mention health and social services. These two are major contributors to the state’s overall economic success.

Variety is something that keeps everything going

Sure we mentioned a few factors that you should consider and keep in mind before deciding would a commercial move to Oxford be in your cards. Hence, we might have scared away some small business owners. But, wait for a second! Better safe than sorry. We wanted to share bigger challenges before we get to the good part. The best part about Oxford is the variety that it brings to the table. Only a small amount of business types aren’t really adaptable in such a place. Therefore, you can make Oxford the main location of your headquarter office or the next home for your small bakery. It would all make perfect sense.

Will you move your home as well?

Very often mall business entrepreneurs follow their firms where ever they might be located. Therefore it is only natural that you would move to Oxford as well. With the help of moving pros, you can settle in this city trouble-free. Let professionals handle your commercial relocation as well as your residential.

A girl sitting in a field, enjoying the sun and the nature.
When taking a break from running your small business, you will be able to enjoy Mississippi’s breathtaking.


To say that all small business owners should move their business to Oxford would be a very bold statement. For some, it might be damaging. However, it is a fact that Oxford can be a great place for many small businesses to call their home. So, think about it will. Would Oxford be the ideal location for your business’s successful future?

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