Millennial’s guide to Covina, CA

As a millennial, you probably want to explore the world and see what it has to offer you. If you are considering living in a different city and moving, you need to prepare for that step first. What you should do is to explore the city where you want to live and to know how to transport all your items there. Guide to Covina, CA can be very helpful and useful, especially if you have never been there before and if you are moving for the first time in your life.

Guide to Covina for millennials

Covina is one of the California cities millennials are moving to and there are many different reasons for that. Some of the pros of living in Covina are:

  • Low crime rate
  • Good education system
  • Low poverty rate
  • Livability
  • Entertainment options
  • Coastline and beach areas

Like any other city in the world, Covina also has some disadvantages. What do people who already live in Covina have to say about the cons?

  • Higher costs of living
  • Declining population growth

Covina is located in the Los Angeles area in California. It is 35 miles away from downtown LA. The population is around 47,000 and many families with kids and young professionals live here. It is a very diverse place and that is why millennials love Covina.

A beach in California
Beach is near, you can enjoy it every day. California has some of the most beautiful beaches in the USA

What else should you know about Covina before moving there as a millennial? A guide to Covina may help you meet this place more.

The job market and economy

A career is a very important factor in life when you are young. Millennials are mostly moving because of job opportunities. LA is one of the great cities for startups and Covina is near. The unemployment rate in Covina is 11.5%, but the job market increased by 0.6% over the last year. The average income per person is $25,600 per year. But, the average household income of a resident is $64,400 a year.

The costs of living

Covina is not the most affordable city in California. That is one of the disadvantages of living here. But, living near LA has its price. The biggest cost here is rent. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in Covina will cost you around $1,500 per month. After housing, transportation is one of the costs that are higher. Transportation costs are 20% higher than the California average. But, the good news is that health costs are more affordable here in Covina.

How to move to Covina, CA?

What is the easiest and faster way to move to a new city, in this case to Covina, CA? How to transport all your items from one home to another safely? One of the best options is to hire a reliable and reputable moving company from the city where you are moving to. Local movers already know the area so they will help you to transport hassle-free. You can find help in the neighborhood fast, you just need to explore and spend some time researching the best moving service for your needs.

Look for a job before moving and explore the job market

Time to pack

As soon as you find out about the relocation, start researching moving companies in the Los Angeles area. Also, you will need to pack. Get enough packing supplies and materials such as different moving boxes, duct tape, air bubble foil, moving blankets, packing peanuts, etc. Packing takes most of the time when moving. That is why you should start packing on time. Do not wait until the last moment to pack.

It depends on how many items you have to pack. More items – more time and higher moving costs. Another solution when it comes to packing is to hire professional packers. They have all the equipment, experience, and knowledge to help you pack fast and smoothly. Explore locals, Good Neighbors Moving Company, and get all the right info about moving and packing services.

If you want to save time and money on packing, declutter and move only items you are using. Decide what to move and what to toss. Items you do not need anymore you can donate or sell.

Renting a storage unit in Covina

The cost of living in Covina or anywhere else in the Los Angeles area is not cheap. This also includes housing costs. Rent is higher than the national average and it is one of the reasons why people live in smaller places. There is another problem when living in a small home – not enough space for all the household items.

Los Angeles
LA is near, you can find a job there too and commute

But, the solution is to rent a storage unit and to put all the off-season items there. This way, your home will be decluttered and clean. Include a storage unit in your guide to Covina and consider renting it when moving. Not having enough space in a home is not the only reason for renting a self-storage.

Fun things to do in Covina

After moving, it is normal to explore a place where you live now. Having fun is the best way to relax after the stressful relocation process. Luckily for you, Covina has plenty of places to visit and see. Also, LA downtown is near and you can go there too. If you are moving for work, use your free time to meet Covina and to find your new favorite spots in the city.

  • The Lakes Mall
  • Duarte Historical Museum
  • Palm View Park
  • Glendora Historical Society Museum
  • Big League Dreams
  • Galster Wilderness Park
  • Solana Park
  • Baldwin Park Historical Society Museum
  • Arcadia Wilderness Park
  • Cortez Park
  • Brunswick West Covina Lanes
  • Tilt 267
  • Boba Tea Lounge

Time to move – to Covina

By reading millennials’ guide to Covina, you may find Covina more interesting. Also, you will see that moving does not have to be complicated and hard when you have professional moving assistance by your side.

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