Decorating Ideas for Under $12 to Make Your New Home Feel Like Home

You moved, unpacked, put everything in its proper place – but still, home somehow just doesn’t feel like home. Sounds familiar? Then check out our list with sweet and simple decorating ideas for under $12 and make your new home feel like home in a jiffy!

feeling like home
Make your new home feel like home with these easy tips!

Decorating a new home is much like trying out a new recipe. You buy things you like, arrange them the way you like it and enjoy them afterwards, which would be the ideal case. To get there, the ingredients of your home and lunch recipe need to:

  • Look nice to you – only by giving your home a personal touch you can make your new home actually feel like home;
  • Look nice as a whole – having just a bunch of items that look nice but just don’t work together won’t make your home cozy and inviting.

Keep these points in mind for the following tips! The prices you see are based on similar products seen on online shops. Give it a try!

1. Let there be light!

Light is one of the biggest and most important tricks used to make a home cozy and inviting. Simply opening up the window space by removing items that stand between the window and your room in order to maximize the amount of natural light coming into your room can do wonders.

According to Huffington Post author Sally Augustin, it will also boost your mood and help you think positive thoughts. And it’s completely free!

Another great decorating tip to light up your new (or existing) place is to use items that reflect light, such as mirrors or shiny decorating items. Adding a light-reflecting vase or a stylish golden picture frame can add instant class to any room!

Approximate costs: $0-$12

2. Tired of family pictures? How about an inspirational quote?

decorating idea wall

Removing an old picture of family events doesn’t mean that you have given up on your loved ones. It’s more about setting up goals and being specific about what you want to make part of your daily routine.

Try replacing an old picture with a witty and inspiring message or a funny message. It’s not just an effective, but also a very cheap decorating idea that gives tons of positive energy!

Approximate costs: $0-$5

3. Go green!

adding plants to a new home

Flowers and plants energize homes both in a visual and in a spiritual way. The color green will add love and a sense of nature to your new home, and make it much more inviting.

To help them grow and flourish, you’ll have to take care of them. You provide them with light and water, and get a piece of Mother Nature in your home in return.

Growing success in the true sense of the word!

Approximate costs for pots and plants: between $5 and $12

4. Go pink, turquoise and yellow too!

decorating a new home

Adding funky colors will give your home not just a stylish makeover, it will also add that piece of personal touch that is essential to making your new home feel like home.

Here are a few ideas for items you can replace with more colorful pieces for under $12:

  • Mugs;
  • Cushion covers;
  • Vases;
  • Tablecloths or towels (if you want to make your kitchen or your bathroom more inviting as well);
  • Candles;
  • Wall stickers.

Adding more color to your new home is a great way to make your new place cozier and inviting. Make sure the colors and shapes of the new items go together, otherwise you’ll just end up feeling like living in a cubist painting.

Approximate costs: $5-$12

5. Put on your apron and make your home feel like home!

making home feel like home

The first thing we think of when someone mentions that home-sweet-home feeling is grandma’s kitchen, with all the yummy smells spreading across every room.

Don’t just accumulate things and hope they will make your home feel like home by themselves. Live like you already have that “homey” feeling, do things that make you and your home feel cozy and inviting.

And what’s more inviting than cookies?

Approximate costs: less than $10

6. Make your home cozier with DIY decorations!

DIY decorations are not just cheaper than decors bought at a random store, but they are also tons of fun to make. Also, you’ll add that personal touch that is extremely important for making a home cozy and inviting.

The internet is full of DIY tutorials, let them inspire you. How about a unique DIY Paintbrush Vase or an eye-catching DIY floating shelf?

If you want more ideas, check out these cool and unexpensive DIY decoration projects from Houzz.

Approximate cost for the DIY vase and shelf: less than $10

7. Create an inviting entryway.

The feng shui lovers among you probably already know it, but the entryway is one of the most important rooms in a home. It’s the first room you enter when entering someone’s home and it’s an instant reflection of the present energy of that place.

In her article called How to Make Home a Happier Place, Amanda Pollard recommends adding mood-enhancing items such as plants or mirrors, or just anything that makes you happy.

Approximate costs: between $5 and $12

Share some of your decorating tips with us! How did you make your new home feel like home?

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