Main differences between Alberta and Ontario

Are you stuck on a decision between living in Alberta or living in Ontario? We can’t blame you, both are great places to live. However, since you cannot live in both places at once, we have put together a list of differences between Alberta and Ontario to help you decide which you like better.

Cost of living

Starting simple: when it comes to living costs, Alberta wins. Generally speaking, everything in your day to day life in Alberta will be cheaper than in Ontario. Groceries, public transport, rent. All of these are lower in Alberta. Additionally, Alberta’s minimum wage is currently at $15, while Ontario’s is $14. Also, purchasing power in Ontario is 25% lower in Alberta. So, in this aspect, Alberta wins outright. Although, people will still want to save money when moving to Alberta.

wallet on table
While the cost of living is generally lower in Alberta, Ontario has higher wages.

Job opportunities

Next up of the main differences between Alberta and Ontario places Ontario as the winner: job availability. For anyone who is looking to find a job, Ontario is the better place to be. While Alberta’s job market isn’t too bad either, Ontario has much more vacancy when it comes to work. There are many opportunities in almost any field in Ontario. Again, while Alberta also has plenty of opportunities in the same places, it is much easier to find a job in Ontario. That said, while Alberta’s minimum wage is higher, working in Ontario is generally paid much more. As such, aiming for a job in Ontario pays off much more in the long run, because the higher wages are more than enough to cover for the higher cost of life.

Moving in

When it comes to moving into either state, the choice isn’t quite as simple. Alberta has the advantage of transportation costs and housing costs being lower. However, Ontario has a higher life standard, and many experienced movers to help you get settled in. And for those who are moving from Alberta to Ontario, they will be glad to know that you can easily change the address. All in all, moving to Ontario is generally much easier. And for people looking to brave the daunting process of a long distance move for a better job, the experienced movers are always there to help.

Two people sitting in mover truck
There are many reliable and experienced movers ready to help you settle into Ontario.

The people

The differences between Alberta and Ontario continue in their people. Generally speaking, people in Alberta are much friendlier. Visitors to Alberta are often surprised by how friendly people in the state are. For those who want to know their neighbors and live in a generally friendly environment, Alberta is the place to be. Ontario, on the other hand, offers a diverse set of people. As the financial heart of Canada, Ontario attracts many expats from all over the world. This has led to an interesting mix of ethnicities, as Ontario is generally quite accepting of foreigners. Expats and immigrants can very easily find a place and job in Ontario.


This is another difference that Ontario wins outright. Being one of the largest exporters into North America, Ontario leads in the manufacture of biotech, automotive, communication devices, pharmaceuticals, technology and so on. Because of this, job opportunities and wages are on the rise in Ontario. Because of its industrial nature, specifically as one of the largest exporters of vehicles, car transportation is quite easy in Ontario. For anyone looking to have their vehicle’s transfer done in no time, Ontario has plenty car shipping services for you.

Cut-off saw cutting metal
Industry in Ontario is much more advanced, leading to better job opportunities.


When it comes to culture, the two states aren’t too different. Both Alberta and Ontario have plenty of beautiful nature to see, and both have diverse populations. However, Ontario’s culture is more mixed because of the many expats that call it home. While it is true that there are also expats in Alberta, Ontario’s population has led to an interesting mix of cultures which can’t be found anywhere else. The various cultures which have settled here over the decades all exist in a unique harmony. On top of that, there are many academic, sports and cultural events held in Ontario.


On the topic of learning, it is a tough competition, but Alberta wins. According to recent stats, Alberta students have ranked first in Canada in both reading and sciences, and third worldwide, only behind Singapore and British Columbia. That isn’t to say Ontario’s education is lacking, ranking 7th worldwide. But, all in all, for students looking to move closer to their education, Alberta is the better choice. It should be noted, however, that experts from Centennial Moving recommend that students always move light. Moving tends to get expensive, so only moving essentials should be the priority.


If you are someone who is worried about general cleanliness in cities, Ontario is not the place to be. Because of its industrial focus, Ontario tends to be on the dirtier side when it comes to things such as air pollution. Alberta, however, doesn’t have much air pollution. Additionally, Water is available and drinkable, and the sewers are kept as clean as possible.


This is another on the list of main differences between Alberta and Ontario which Alberta wins. Taxes, in general, are lower in Alberta. Additionally, Alberta doesn’t have a provincial sale tax, which is the case with most other provinces (including Ontario), and as such most types of goods are generally cheaper in Alberta. In Ontario, people pay an average of 15% provincial and federal sales tax, which leads to higher prices of everyday goods. This might make moving for work in Alberta more acceptable, for most people.

Closing thoughts

Choosing between Alberta and Ontario is a difficult choice. Both provinces have pros and cons, and making the decision is down to personal preference. We hope you have found this list of the main differences between Alberta and Ontario helpful, and wish you luck with your decision.

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