Living in Rockville, MD

Are you planning to move to Rockville? What should you know about this city? Living in Rockville, Maryland can be a good option, but first, you need to explore it. This way, you will adjust faster after moving there because you will know what to expect.

About the city

This city has a population of about 70,000 and most of the residents are families with kids and young professionals. People here are relatively young, the average age of residents is 38.6. The median home value is $540,000 and the median rent per month is $1,950.

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Explore Rockville before you start a new life there and know what to expect

Pros of living in Rockville

Why do people move to Rockville and what this city in MD has to offer? Why it is so special?

  1. Job opportunities because this city is home to more than 370 bioscience companies. Also, it has plenty of medical centers. The median household income here is $106,000 which is a lot more than the national average of $63,000.
  2. Plenty of outdoor recreation activities and beautiful parks in the city. Also, buildings are interesting and home architectural styles in Maryland are different and unique.
  3. The public transportation system is great. It is very important for daily commuters and getting around the city.
  4. Rockville consistently ranks as a top place to live in the USA (top 100 cities). It is because this city has a low crime rate and people are spending a lot of time outside being active.
  5. The great education system and highly-rated public schools.
  6. The weather is nice if you want to experience all 4 seasons in one year. Summers are hot and sunny, while winters are white, cold, and snowy.

Moving to Rockville with ease

If you already live in Rockville, you already know how amazing it is. So, you can stay there buy move to a home that suits you better. You can relocate in no time when you are moving locally.

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Choose will you move by yourself or you will hire a moving company

If you are not from Rockville and you want to move there, what is the easiest and safest way to transport all your belongings there? Yes, you can organize a DIY relocation, but it takes more time.

Another solution is to hire a professional moving company with experience such as Here & Now Movers. Maryland has plenty of movers to choose from, so choose the best one for your relocation.

Costs of living in Rockville, MD

Living in Rockville is not that cheap. To organize your Maryland move like a pro, know some facts about your future home city. The costs here are about 50% higher than the national average. Housing is one of the major factors when it comes to the costs of living. Also, those prices are going up every year. If you want to invest in Rockville property, hire a local real estate agent and get familiar with the market.

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