How is it living in a big city?

Living in a smaller town probably has its charms and advantages. However, nothing can beat the options a big city has to offer. Of course, all of you who prefer smaller settlements can state their opinions. This is just our point of view, but each to their own, that’s what they say. In this article, we’ll present you some advantages of living in a big city. 

living in a big city offers many job opportunities

Job opportunities

Let us start with something that is probably one of the top priorities when deciding where to live. Although the cost of living in a big city is higher, it gives many opportunities for finding a well-paid job. As it usually happens, many important international companies and corporations have their branches and representative offices in big cities. In this way, the companies can connect easier with the market, potential business partners, perform product placement, attract the clients, etc. This all gives you a great opportunity to find a job. Depending on your field of expertise, try finding a job where you can demonstrate all of your potentials, and be prepared to work hard.

In the future, you can start thinking about establishing your own business. Use the connections you’ve made so far, and your skills to establish a cooperation with the new clients.

This is less likely to happen in a small town, although of course, it is not impossible to also find a good-payed job there. The point is, taken into consideration all the aforementioned; it is a much bigger chance to come to your dream job and steadily build your career to the top while living in a big city.

Entertainment is everywhere when living in a big city

While living in a big city, you will always have a great variety of choice of what to do and places to go to. We don’t mean only during the weekends, but also during the working week. After a long day at work, you can choose among hundreds of attractive bars and coffee shops to relax. If it’s a night of a big game, and you missed the chance to buy the ticket, you can always gather your crew and head to the nearest sports bar. And while there, maybe you would like to give it a try and play a game of billiard, darts? Or, you can choose among other games that suit you better.

Cultural events

If you’re living in a big city, you can take the most advantage of it. If you have children, being located here can help them broaden their overall knowledge. Take them to the museums, where you can see the exhibitions of many different sorts. Nowadays, the variety of museums suitable for children of all ages is so big. While exploring them, children can learn that museums don’t have to be boring, but utterly fun and entertaining. The knowledge they gain during this adventure will give them the edge over other children. Also, it will definitely be very valuable as they’re growing up. And who knows, maybe along the way, you will learn something useful, too.

If you’re taking the museum tours solo, then you’ve got plenty of other choices as well. America is home to more than 35 thousand museums filled with priceless work of art, historical artifacts, and many more. Search around your neighborhood for the nearest museums. Many museums are free of charge or are very affordable.

Movie and theater nights

You can watch the best theater plays

If you’re one of those who find pleasure in watching movies, nothing brings a better feeling then watching a movie on a silver screen. Especially if the movie theater is equipped with a great sound system and comfortable seats. The only other thing you need is a bag of delicious popcorn and…enjoy!

If you appreciate a good theater show or a musical, then you’ll have a problem choosing which show to see first. Big cities are full of great theaters, so you want to make sure to book a ticket in advance.


One of the great things about living in a big city is the availability of places to go out. From roof parties in Brooklyn, Miami, all the way to L.A., to the underground clubs with DJ music, you name it. In cities, you can find an extremely large variety of clubs and bars with all sorts of genres of music for everybody’s taste.

the best parties are in big cities



Let’s not forget about the array of different types of restaurants you can choose from. If you don’t have time to cook, or you want to treat yourself, friends and family, each day you can explore different cuisine. Start with some exotic, or with something you’ve never eaten before. And if you wish to eat deliciously prepared home-style food, go ahead and choose your favorite among many across America.

Fresh, delicious food


For those who enjoy walking around big shopping centers, searching the shops and boutiques with the latest fashion, make sure to wear some comfortable shoes in order to enjoy the most the unique experience shopping centers can offer you.

Medical care

When it comes to services you can get in healthcare facilities, living in a big city represents a great advantage. In case you need any kind of medical assistance, rest assured because these hospitals offer everyone the highest quality of service and professionalism. Hospitals in large cities are better equipped, with more modern medical supplies and equipment. This allows them to treat every patient in much better conditions, giving them precise diagnose and results. Also, you won’t need to lose too much time on traveling from home to hospital.


If none of the above mentioned has convinced you, think about the quality of education your children could receive if you were living in a big city. Without any doubt, the level of education is much higher, with schools that have better-equipped classrooms that encourage better learning, facilities such as sports halls, larger libraries, or anything else necessary that can help enhance their skills and bring the level of their education to a higher degree.

With all of this we said, and a lot of other things we did not mention, there are plenty of reasons why living in a big city is a great choice, both for the individuals and families. Here, not only you can find so many great things to do, but also you can provide your children the type of education they deserve, which will later give them better chances to find a dream job. What are your thoughts?

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