List of the most affordable neighborhoods in New York City

It is not a secret that living in NYC is not cheap. Housing is one of the major costs here. So, what can you do about it? Luckily, NYC has many and many different neighborhoods. Research affordable neighborhoods in New York City and then you will be able to afford living here.

The most affordable neighborhoods in New York City where to move to

If you want to stay within the budget and still – live in one of the best cities in the world, do research to find a neighborhood you can afford. Price is not the only thing to look at. A neighborhood should have all the things you want and need. It is possible to live in some of the best NYC neighborhoods and to save money, at the same time.


The median rent in Parkchester is only $1,350. That is way too cheap for NYC. It is part of the Bronx and it offers residents a dense urban feel. If you want to buy a home in NYC, this can be a perfect place for that. Parkchester is safer than you think. Also, it is well connected to Manhattan via Train 6. Overall, it is a peaceful and tolerant community.

NYC from above at night.
Luckily for you, NYC is a big city with many different neighborhoods where you can move to and save money at the same time.

Heartland Village

Staten Island is becoming more and more popular and not only because of more affordable costs of living. It is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in New York City with a median sales price of $356,000. What is more important, it is safe and beautiful. People are moving here because homeownership is more in reach here, but it is not the only pro.


Jamaica is located in Queens County with a population of 160,000. The median home price is $444,500 and the median rent per month is $1,450. It is an urban neighborhood with many interesting places to visit. To move here with ease, hire a local moving company and rely on people in the neighborhood. A very friendly area with local shops. This is why families with kids want to live here. Living in a small, residential area in NYC is possible if you move to Jamaica.


If you are looking for a place where to raise a family in NYC, Norwood is one of those places. Of course, it is on this list because it is affordable, but it is not the only advantage. The median rent is around $1,340. Norwood is located in the Bronx which is developing very fast. Besides families, many young professionals live here as well.


Of course, Brooklyn is one of the most exciting boroughs in NYC and if you want to be part of this place and to save money, Homecrest is one of the best neighborhoods here. The median sales price is around $333,000 (it was $640,000, now it is much lower). Some private residential homes have been renovated into mini-mansions with charm.

Tudor City

If you want to live in Manhattan, you should know that it is the most expensive borough of NYC. But, if you research enough, you can find affordable neighborhoods, even there. One of those places is Tudor City. The median sales price is $380,000. This is a place with a complex of 12 Tudor-revival-style buildings. Get a studio apartment for under $300,000 which is very rare for Manhattan.

After choosing a neighborhood, hire a mover

What is the next step? The first is to choose a place where you want to live. After that, start organizing your relocation to the NYC neighborhood.

Saving money for moving to one of affordable neighborhoods in New York City.
If your budget is not that big and you want to live in NYC, it is possible, with a little bit of preparation.

If you are moving on a budget, find an affordable moving company from New York that is reliable and experienced. Spend some time exploring professionals, find the best offers, and try to negotiate with movers. One of the reputable movers can be found on Besides affordable neighborhoods in New York City, also find affordable movers in NYC.

Also, ask friends for recommendations, if they moved recently. Having a moving company by your side, to help you out is a key to successful relocation in a concrete jungle such as NYC.

Finding a home in desired neighborhood

The real estate market in NYC is chaotic. Rent is expensive and most of the apartments are small. Be open to making some compromises. Keep in mind that neighborhoods in Queens, for example, are more affordable than neighborhoods in Manhattan. So, if you want a bigger home, you will probably need to live outside of The City.

Homes are not on the market for a long time, so you need to be fast and to make a decision quickly. Otherwise, someone will take the apartment while you are deciding. Dealing with a difficult landlord in NYC may also be a problem, but in most cases, it is not.

A golden piggy bank.
Save enough money and organize your finances. Only then you will be able to find a perfect place for yourself.

Set a monthly budget for rent, utilities, transportation, food, and also, set priorities when it comes to choosing a home in NYC. How much space do you need? Do you want an open space? Do you need more bedrooms? Are you open to living with a roommate, etc.

What’s left to know

After finding and moving to one of the affordable neighborhoods in New York City, pack and transport all your items to a new home. If you are not from this city and you will live here for the first time, the adjusting period will be fun. It is because NYC has a lot to offer and it is never boring or quiet here. To save more money on moving and on rent too, move off-season if you can arrange it. And then start enjoying the NYC lifestyle to the fullest.

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