List of Florida places you want your kids to grow up in

Florida is one of the best states to live in if you have children. It is an amazing place to live in for a lot of reasons. Especially when you have children, no matter their age. Most Florida cities have amazing schools which is just one of the reasons why moving to Florida with children is a good idea. But choosing a place to live in is not easy. Especially when Florida is the state you are choosing a city in. There are plenty of them, each one different and amazing in its own way. There are both big and small cities here, it depends on your preference. We are here to tell you about some of the places you want your kids to grow up in if planning on moving with your family to Florida. There are plenty of cities to consider moving to but these are the ones where moving with small children is a great idea.

Fort Lauderdale

Let us start by telling you about one of the best places to live in Florida as a young person, with and without children. And that is Fort Lauderdale. It is a coastal town which means that there are plenty of beaches to go to. This is a huge plus when you have children as you will always have a place to go with them and have a fun time. But this is not the only advantage of living in Fort Lauderdale, there are plenty of them.

Fort Lauderdale city.
Fort Lauderdale is an amazing coastal city to live in.

Going to the beach is not the only fun thing to do here. You have plenty of fun activities to try out here. Besides all the beach fun you can have such as beach volley, snorkeling, swimming, and diving, you can also head to beach restaurants. Some of them have their own part of the beach that you can use, some have playgrounds for children. You also have an aquarium in the city as well as a museum if searching for a different kind of fun time – educational.

Moving to Fort Lauderdale is a good place to move to not only as you will have what to do but as you will also have a very easy time finding the perfect home for you and your family. The real estate market of Fort Lauderdale is great. There are plenty of new homes being built and the pricing is pretty reasonable for what you get. Homes are very nice-looking and are usually spacious with either a back or a front yard, or both.

Moving to Fort Lauderdale can be made easy by hiring the assistance of Vision Movers Fort Lauderdale FL. They are there to assist with any part of the moving process.

Beach in Fort Lauderdale.
Leaving Fort Lauderdale is not something you will be doing after relocating to this city.


Plantation is another one of the places you want your kids to grow up in if moving to Florida. It isn’t a coastal city but it is located near the coast. No matter where you live in Plantation, it won’t take you longer than half an hour to reach the beach. And the nearest beaches are in Fort Lauderdale. So even if not moving to that amazing city, you will surely be visiting it and passing through regularly. But the beaches might be the only reason for leaving the city. This is because there are no other reasons to leave the city as Plantation has everything you need. Have in mind that assistance is available anytime which means that you can move even if you end up not liking living in Plantation. But we are certain that the only time you will be moving is to another home in Plantation.

Swan in a Lake.
Fort Lauderdale has a beautiful flora and fauna.

There are plenty of beautiful parks in the city which is what makes it stand out from the rest in the area. You can spend the nice, sunny, Floridian days in a park cycling, jogging, or having a picnic. This is also a nice place for people with dogs to go to as there are dog parks here as well. Another reason to move to Plantation is the fact that it is an overall beautiful city to live in. There are plenty of lakes here and nature is rich. A lot of wild animals live in Plantation as well such as geese, swans, and certain reptiles. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people are leaving Florida.

Boca Raton

Third on the list of places you want your kids to grow up in has to be Boca Raton. Boca Raton is another coastal town, just above Miami. This means that visiting Miami at any time is a possibility. So is if you are living in Fort Lauderdale or Plantation as they are located close as well. All three cities are located on the East Coast where the beaches are amazing. And so are in Boca Raton. This is a party city which is why a lot of young people love coming here and why a lot of them are moving to Boca Raton as well.

This is one of the best places you want your kids to grow up in for the amazing schools that are to be found here. There are plenty of them, to be exact there are 20 schools in Boca Raton. This is a large number of schools for a city of this size. This is not a big city to live in. But living in a big city with children is a thing to consider as well. Moving to Miami is also an option.

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