Lifesaving moving hacks and tricks to know

If you are here you are probably thinking about moving or have already decided to move.  It might seem scary and overwhelming at first, but if you make a good moving strategy and organize everything well you can make the entire process so mush easier. First of all you should inform yourself about the best moving companies out there and choose your perfect movers. The next step would be to sort everything and decide on what possessions you will want to get rid of. Than come the packing and labeling, and the D day, or the day of the move itself.  These are all big tasks on your checklist, but there are also some smaller lifesaving moving hacks and tricks that can make your moving go smoothly and easily.

In the hectic world of moving there are hacks and tricks that can be real lifesavers. From packing, to labeling and even money saving. Here are some lifesaving moving hacks and tricks you maybe wouldn’t think of

  • When loading a truck there is a place for everything. Your valuables should go inside the cabin with you. That will let you have control over them. When it comes to the back of the truck you should load your heavy appliances first.  So load that fridge first, and let it be close friends with the washing machine, the dryer and other heavy appliances.  Your furniture should be near the sides of the truck, and when it comes to the heavy boxes they should be in the center of the cargo area.  Pack your small boxes last
  • Organization is everything when you are about to move. You will need a bunch of boxes of different sizes. We recommend to get free ones at your local supermarkets or liquor stores.  You will have to label the boxes in order to know what is inside and avoid the mess and confusion after you move.  A good idea would be to designate a color for each room in the house and print labels in different colors. Stick them on the boxes, write further info and you are all set.  After you come to the new home just mark the rooms with the appropriate colors and your movers will definitely be thankful, since it will be easy for them to figure out what goes where.
Arm yourself with boxes and label them

Be sure to have the ‘first day’ and ‘first night’ items packed. Now this is one of the moving hacks and tricks you probably would never remember.  You can take a plastic bag and pack everything you will need for the first day in the new house, for example toilet paper, scissors, paper towels, dishcloths. Maybe you can pack some food and snacks separately. Your family will need them since you will be starving after all of that work is done.  And when it comes to your first night necessities, we are thinking a suitcase with personal hygiene items,towels,  and clean pajamas.  You will probably be quite tired so make your life easy by having these things close to you before you call it a night after such a busy day.

Kitchen packing hacks

Maybe it will be the last thing on your mind, but you and your family will have to eat after the move.  A ‘kitchen box’ will come in handy here.  You should pack all of the utensils, pots and pans you will need for your first meal in the new house.  You can also put the food you will need here so that everything is close together.  Here are some useful moving tricks and hacks for packing your kitchen utensils :

  • Knives can be dangerous if not handled with care. It is a good idea to place your knives in potholders. This will keep you safe and secure from the blades.
  • How about using plates to save your other plates. If you have some delicate and easily breakable ceramic plates and china you can put some foam plates between them to keep them whole and safe.  And  be sure to always pack them in a vertical position.  If you run out of foam plates, wrap plates in newspapers or bubble wrap.
  • In order to save space put small items into bigger ones.  For example, you could put spices and small packages of soups inside of the bigger pots.  It is not a bad idea to label the pots that contain smaller items to save time.
Secure those plates

Electronics packing hacks

When it comes to your electronics and cords here are some quite useful and simple moving hacks and tricks

  • Use empty toilet paper rolls to pack your cords.  Just fold the cords and put them inside of the toilet paper rolls. This way you can find a useful usage for those rolls before throwing them away. Quite a simple but lifesaving hack,don’t you think? And there is one more thing, don’t forget to put labels on the cords. If you forget this step you will have a nightmare. You will find yourself experimenting with a bunch of unknown cords that all look the same.
Put those cords into empty toilet paper rolls
  • Be extra careful when packing your TV.  You should probably watch a professional YouTube tutorial, especially if you have an easy breakable flat screen TV.  Now if you have saved the original TV packaging box, you are in luck,since it will be perfect for transporting your TV once again.
  • If  you get confused about which cord goes where, here is a lifesaving hack for you.  You can take a picture of your devices with cords before you pull them out. Once you move to your new home and decide to plug everything in again, you will have a  tutorial in the form of a photo. How cool is that!

Even though there are a lot of lifesaving moving hacks and tricks here, packing is still a lot of work for one or two people to do. So how about this, you can organize a ‘packers party’. Basically you prepare some snacks, drinks and some good music to light up the atmosphere first. Then call all of your friends to come over and help you pack. Hope we gave you some good ideas and made your moving a little bit easier.

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