Is it smart to move from Manhattan to Brooklyn?

There are a lot of theories about is it smart to move from Manhattan to Brooklyn and vice-versa. Moving to Brooklyn can be easy and fun but also it can be overwhelming. There are a lot of things you should think about if you have decided to move from Manhattan to Brooklyn. There are pros and cons, of course, so maybe you need some advice on should you do it or not.

It’s all New York

Whether you live in Brooklyn or Manhattan when someone asks you where you live you will probably say New York and the answer is obviously correct. However more often than anything they will tell you I’m from Manhattan or I’m from Brooklyn. Point is even though it’s all New York you will probably feel a certain pride in saying I’m a Brooklynite. Let’s face it it’s pretty cool to say that.

Brooklyn Bridge during the day
Beautiful Brooklyn Bridge

Reputation of Brooklyn

The reputation of Brooklyn precedes him. Manhattan and Brooklyn both as any other city in America have a certain crime rate. Nothing to be worried about of course. Brooklyn maybe has a bit stronger reputation when it comes to safety. It’s a work in progress but yes you can still hear about drug dealers and drive-by shooting. But, there is no, one hundred percent security anywhere. But let’s not talk about bad things anymore because there are so many great things about awesome Brooklyn. This is one thing that you shouldn’t be afraid of, because bad things happen everywhere and you cannot live your life in fear and deprive yourself of living a cool and interesting life in Brooklyn.

Cool graffiti on a wall in Brooklyn
                      Graffiti in Brooklyn

Great transportation

When deciding to move from Manhattan to Brooklyn you are not moving very far. Even if someone tells you that Brooklyn seems to be very far from Manhattan that is not true. One word will explain why Brooklyn is not far at all from Manhattan. And that word is the subway. Once you move to Brooklyn you can go back to Manhattan in a matter of half an hour. You don’t even have to have a car, it’s even better and faster if you simply go anywhere from Brooklyn by using the subway. You can go anywhere from Brooklyn to the 3 boroughs in New York using the subway:

  • Queens
  • Bronx
  • Manhattan

I say three because to go to Staten Island you will obviously have to use a ferry. But, you already know that since you live in Manhattan at this point.

Yes, a lot of famous people are from Brooklyn

A lot of famous and successful people are coming from Brooklyn. Maybe that fact doesn’t help you a lot with your decision to move from Manhattan to Brooklyn but it is definitely a fun fact to know. You can always say that you are coming from the same borough as Barbra Streisand, Jay Z, Woody Allen, etc. And yes, one the most likable characters from the famous TV show “Sex and the city” at the very end of the shows move from Manhattan to Brooklyn in pursuit for a better life for her and her family. Coincidence? There is at least one famous person that you like and that is from Brooklyn. A lot of people would say that it is way cooler to live in Brooklyn. And they are right.

Move from Manhattan to Brooklyn will save you a lot of money

Life costs in Manhattan and Brooklyn are way different. If you are custom to living costs in Manhattan then you will love your new life in Brooklyn. I say new because life is, believe it or not, a lot cheaper in Brooklyn. It’s like you are in a completely different city yet you are still in New York. From rents to buying a milk in a store, everything is cheaper. If you are that lucky to have a job in Manhattan, it is a great plan to live in Brooklyn and travel to Manhattan. It’s better to pay a rent in Brooklyn and have a salary from Manhattan. One important thing, since you are moving, make sure to find affordable movers in Brooklyn. You should find movers you can trust. You should ask around so that your relocation goes smoothly.

Brooklyn has the coolest restaurants

move from Manhattan to Brooklyn
Move to Manhattan from Brooklyn will make you eat some awesome but cheaper food.

There are even more important things to know than about transportation, finding affordable movers in Brooklyn, etc. That thing is something that makes us all happy. There are a lot of great restaurants where you can eat for how much you pay. There is maybe the main difference. When you go out to eat in Brooklyn the choice is huge and prices not so high. The quality of food is the same as in Manhattan, maybe even better. And once you start living in Brooklyn you will have your favorite place to eat. Some of the best restaurants from cheap to a bit more expensive in Brooklyn are:

  • Tom’s restaurant (local cuisine)
  • Juliana’s pizza
  • Oregano
  • Jungsik (Asian food)

Of course, these are only some of the awesome restaurants in Brooklyn where you can enjoy your meals, but once you start living there the best and most delicious way to investigate where the best food is just to go and try yourself.

There are so many good reasons to move from Manhattan to Brooklyn. It not like you are moving very far. And you will have a better quality of life by means of finance and even mental health since life in Brooklyn is not hectic as in Manhattan. There are way more pros than cons to moving to awesome Brooklyn. If nothing else it is so cool to live there, and why not go and try. You will like it.



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