Inside Hawaii’s music business – should you give it a go?

Do you want to relocate to Hawaii because of music? If the answer is “yes”, then you will need some assistance when moving to Hawaii. Why? Well, it is difficult to carry all your possessions all the way to Hawaii, especially when it comes to business moves and relocating musical instruments. So, what is inside  Hawaii’s music business? Is it worth it to move there just because of it or not? Should you give it a go?

Steel guitar.
For some people music is everything and they do not want to give up

Life in any other USA state is different from a life in Hawaii. This includes the cost of living, job and of course the music industry. Hawaii is a beautiful state with a lot of opportunities. Take a chance and visit this gorgeous country, maybe you will move there. But, before that, you should know some of the facts. Good and bad too. But, if the music is your life, you will do everything to succeed.

Music of Hawaii

Steel guitar and Hawaiian music, unbreakable bond. Music of Hawaii is a broad term, it includes Hawaiian folk music, rock, hip-hop and many other. But, Music of Hawaii is a largely religious type (dance music and chanting). Hawaii has an award-winning rock, pop, hip hop, Dubstep, and reggae musicians too. 

Hula festival in Hawaii
There are many music festivals in Hawaii. One of them is the famous Hula Festival

Hawai has a lot of music festivals such as the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival. Hula groups are coming from across the world in Hawaii just because of this festival. Other popular festivals are Big Island Slack Key Guitar Festival, the Gabby Pahinui Isaacs Slack Key Festival, Moloka’i Music Festival, Pacific Rim Jazz Festival, Manoa Jazz & Heritage Festival and also, Steel Guitar Association Festival. As you can see, there many different music festivals every year. So, if you want to move there because of work, more precisely for the music business, call Wailea Movers Hawaii. They are in the moving industry for many years and that means they have a lot of experience with transportation, packing and moving.

Inside Hawaii’s music business

So, can you be part of the music business? First, you need to know it is not easy. Even famous local musicians in Hawaii, have to work at other jobs to make enough money while they are practicing, recording and performing. The music is a  challenging business, and now with digital technology, it is even harder if you want to make a money with your art. But, few Hawaiian people make a full-time living from music, unfortunately.

A life dedicated to music

If you want to make serious money from music in Hawaii, you have to work hard. Nonstop work, literally. You must be dedicated to music if you want to succeed. Be active on the social media too, that will help you. Nowadays, it is the way of marketing. If you want success, the key is to take risks. Inside Hawaii’s music business are beautiful and less beautiful things. But, it can be fixed. You can be that person who will change the current situation.

Have a plan B

As we mentioned before, many people have another job. Sometimes there is not money from the music biz, unfortunately. That’s why you should always have a plan B. What will you do when your music career is falling apart. Always travel and explore different cultures and always have a plan B. It is normal in Hawaii to have a second job next to the music to pay a rent.

Plan B for Hawaiian music
It is important to have a plan B when you decide to make a music business in Hawaii. Many famous local musicians have a second job.

How to start a music business in Hawaii

It is important to have a business plan. Yes, a business plan like in any other business. A good team is also a very important factor, especially when you need help with transferring your piano. Producent, songwriter…It is perfect if you are a singer-songwriter so you can put your personal feelings into a song. The audience recognizes and feels the energy of the performer.  If the music industry is not currently a profitable business in Hawaii it does not mean it will not be in the future. People will recognize a new idea and a good song and energy. You can go there and do a research about what is happening inside Hawaii’s music business and how you can improve it. Spend time there ( a couple of months or even a year, how long you need to stay) and feel the atmosphere and energy. Explore what people love and on what are they used to?

Learning what is Inside Hawaii's music business.
How to start the music business? Well, first explore and learn everything. Spend time there exploring their culture and feel the atmosphere

If you were thinking about starting a business and moving to Hawaii, it could be worth it. But, be ready and aware of the problems. New people, new ideas…may be helpful. If it is your dream, fight for it and make a good business plan. Learn everything and explore what is inside Hawaii’s music

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