What should you include in your moving checklist?

Finally, the big decision has been made and you decided to finally move. It seems that your moving date is 2 months away, so it is fine if you procrastinate and chill. Wrong! On the other hand, there is no need to panic. There is still plenty of time to get organized and everything is done. However, this is true, only if you get a move on right away. To help you out, we decided to share with you all the details that your moving checklist should include. Therefore, grab a pen and paper or your laptop (some of us are still old school) and let’s get cracking. If you follow your moving checklist, your move might feel like a walk in the park.

Your moving checklist 8 weeks before the big day

  • Create a folder with all the important documents. You will need a place to keep contracts, receipts, etc. Make sure all the important papers are in one place.
  • Know your budget. It is very easy to go overboard. If you are not sure how to calculate your moving budget, make sure you do some research. This is very important. Also, track your spending.
  • Read, before you sign! You found a perfect moving company for you, which is awesome. Still, don’t rush in signing the contract. Make sure you first read it and understand it. If you are in Miami, FL or even better, if you are moving to Miami, FL, make sure you check out Miami Movers for Less.
  • Get days off from work. Make sure you have enough time/days to get the move and your moving checklist done.
  • Talk to your kids. Moving can be rough on your kids. Prepare them for what is to come and make sure their needs are taking care of.
  • Time to declutter. Donate or sell. Whatever you prefer, but you will have to get rid of some stuff.
  • Don’t forget fragile or unusual items. You cannot pack art, fragile and/or valuable things like the rest of your stuff.

If you are getting all the items on your moving checklist done, you are on a good path. Moving is not a sprint, but a marathon. So, keep a good pace.

Checklist is done. In order words, success.

Your moving checklist 6 weeks before the big day

  • Don’t forget people that matter. Ok, we know, covering your moving checklist takes a lot of your time. But be careful, this might be the last chance to see your friends before you move, so make sure you find time for them. Many of them will be happy to help you pack.
  • Prepare your packing supplies. Be creative, you might not have to buy them.
  • Make a list of all your things.
  • Preparing for the move can be hard. This is especially true if you are moving for the first time. Keep in mind, you don’t have to do this on your own. Household relocation specialists can help you move and figure out all the details of your move.
  • Be the labeling king/queen. You will make every bodies life easier if you label your things.
  • Take care of your ride. Get your personal vehicle checked out. Make sure it can handle the move.
  • Measure multiple times but move only once.

Your moving checklist 4 weeks before the big day

  • Acquire moving insurance.
  • Permits are important. Make sure you have all the necessary permits. A parking permit might be one of the most frequent permits that are needed.
  • Return everything that you shouldn’t take. Library books, rented video games, etc. All of this should be returned to their rightful place/owner.
  • Don’t forget your health. You must find a new doctor, pharmacy and everything else health related, close to your new place. This is one of the most important items on your moving checklist.
  • Take care of accommodations. If needed, book a hotel or motel, as close as possible to your new residence.
  • This is the perfect moment to notify all utility companies that their service is no longer needed on your current address. Also, make sure everything is set up in your future home.
  • Take care of your pets. It is very likely that your bullmastiff will be in the way on moving day. Book a doggy sitter or make other arrangements for your pets.
A dog
I mean, who better to accompany you on this journey.

Your moving checklist 2 weeks before the big day

  • Dispose of hazardous items. There is a specific way to dispose of hazardous items, so make sure you do your research.
  • Start cleaning out your fridge.
  • Collect all your things. If you are moving far, make sure you collect the content of your safe deposit boxes, clear out lockets at your gym, etc.
  • Notify all your service providers. Notify your bank, security company, UPS, etc. of your address change.

Quick reminder!

In your moving checklist, it is not stated under every other segment that you need to pack.  This is a given. Pack a little bit every day. Consequently, you will not be overwhelmed once the moving day comes.

Your moving checklist 1 weeks before the big day

  • Share your forwarding address.
  • Start cleaning you’re soon to be ex-home.
  • Check the weather forecast. Hopefully, it will be sunny and pleasant on your moving day.
  • Pack a bag with your must-haves. In a small bag, pack one change of clothes, toothbrush, hear brush, etc. All items you need daily.
  • Start packing furniture.
  • Prepare a tip for your movers.

Your moving checklist for moving day

  • Rise and shine.
  • Don’t forget to protect your floors and carpets.
  • Tip your movers.
  • Check all nooks and crannies. You don’t want to leave anything behind.
  • Take a moment to say goodbye. To put in another way, once you are ready to leave and shut the door, stop for a second. Take in all the great memories and happy moments that you experienced in your home.
    No better place to be. Home sweet home!

    To sum things up, you have completed your moving list and now you are a moving champ. Start unpacking and getting all your things in order at your new home. For example, unpack your favorite chair first and enjoy it in your new space. The faster you settle in, the faster you can start enjoying your new place. Be openminded and positive. Thus, be open to making new happy memories that you will remember forever. Just like you did at your old place. Congrats on completing your moving checklist! In the end, it is not an easy task, but you did it.

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