How to search for NYC movers online?

A time comes when you need to move to another place. Usually, in times like this, we turn ourselves to Google, know-it-all who has all the answers. If you want your move to go smoothly, it is vital to find the right movers. Especially if you are relocating to a big city like New York because there are a lot of moving companies that spend money on online marketing and sell you empty stories of their professionalism. It is best to know the basic criteria some companies need to fulfill so you can consider them reliable. The main question is, how reliable is it to search for NYC movers online? You can use the steps listed below to check the company so you can get the best service for a reasonable price.

Start your search for NYC movers online

Regardless of recommendations, you will need a list of moving companies you can check up thoroughly. Your list should have at least five names written down. You can search for NYC movers online by going to Google. It can really narrow down the list of companies when you enter the right keyword. This way, companies that are specialized for your part of the town will be the first on the list of your choices.

Often, you may find that the first links are expensive companies which can be overbooked. Because they have a lot of bookings, they want to do the job faster, and that can lead to paying little attention to your needs. That is why you better think twice. When searching for moving companies online, make sure to find the ones who will focus on quality, not the quantity of their work. Also, pay attention to websites that offer to find movers for you. Some of them can really help you, but some are often scams.

Check if they are reliable

You can always check online if a moving company has a valid license and insurance. Since your primary tool is the Internet, it is essential to know that companies are not scams. To check if a company is valid, you can enter their USDOT number to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. One of the reliable companies that have been registered is Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC. These professional have a high reputation in the moving industry.

You need to keep an eye out for companies whose address is not listed on the website. If the quote is high or low, that is a definite warning that something is fishy. The best thing to do is to read customer reviews on Yelp. There you can find the most honest reviews, which can help you make your decision.

Read reviews

You can narrow your search for NYC movers online by reading reviews. Make sure to check every review site you’ve heard about. For each potential moving company, look at a couple of reviews before making any decisions. Try to find the most recent reviews from people who have used their services recently. These reviews are the reflection of the work companies do. It is important to read both bad and good rated reviews. This will help you have a better understanding of their policy and work ethics.

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Find the most recent reviews.

Was your search for NYC movers online successful? Next step is to invite a representative over

Even though this part is not related to an online search, it is crucial if you want to hire a good mover. It is best if you call at least three companies from the list and ask them for an on-site estimate. Those who try to sell themselves over the phone, giving you the rough estimate should be discarded off your possible hires. Estimates directly influence the quote, that is why they are necessary. The representative should calculate the total cost of the move depending on the:

  • Amount of your belongings
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Transportation distance
  • Number of staircases in the building
A man in a blue collared long sleeved shirt measuring the wall
On-site estimate directly influences the quote.

In most cases, the difference between a reliable and non-reliable mover is that a reliable mover will ask to schedule an on-site estimate, while the non-reliable will stall and try to give it a rough one through the phone. Also, they are almost always completely free. In some states, it is required by law that a company representative gives you a written quote with a signature on it.

Another thing you should be cautious of is signing documents before carefully reading every line, even the small print.

Be cautious during the estimate

You need to understand that a company representative should be able to answer questions you may have about their company. That is why it is good to ask the representative if there could be some extra charges for insurance or additional services they offer. Also, make sure to have your things for the move on display. The representative should probably measure some larger items, doorways, and elevators in order to prepare the movers. This way, they can move your stuff with no struggle and on time.

a person calculating expenses and writing the numbers in a notebook
Make sure all of your items are on display, so you can get the right estimate.

Search for NYC movers online can be exhausting, but you want to take your time and carefully look through your best options. Compare the estimates of different companies that made it in the top three. Knowing what your criteria are for picking the best moving company will make it easier for you to decide. Never sign a blank contract and make sure to understand all of the conditions you are signing up for. You can protect yourself if you have all the details of your relocation plan and pricing plan in writing. This way, you know exactly what to expect on a moving day.

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