How to recognize fake moving reviews

Nowadays whatever we do we tend to do research online. Whether in search of products or services, the easiest and most comfortable way of gathering information is online. However, with time being a commodity in high demand we usually don’t have it as much. This is when we turn to reading reviews instead of investing time to do proper research. When moving we tend to do the same thing. Reviews save us time and help us through the process of searching for reliable and cheap movers. However, there is a practice of writing fake reviews. So, you need to be careful and learn to recognize fake moving reviews.

Why do fake reviews exist?

Reviews are important when assessing the company and making sure it’s legitimate. However, with these facts, they become a prime target for scammers in all branches especially moving. You need to be able to recognize fake moving reviews as these scammers try to use them for their purposes. Usually, they try to boost their reputation and references. On the other hand, they sponsor bad reviews of their competition so they can look better in comparison. Either way, these reviews appear when someone with an agenda finances people to write reviews that are fake.

Finger pressing on a fifth star review once you learn how to recognize fake moving reviews
Fake reviews are common and you have to recognize them

Luckily, there are numerous ways of recognizing them. This is because they have the same characteristics that allow you to spot them with some training. Here is what they all have in common.

  • They are too positive or too negative
  • The language used is too much
  • They are too descriptive or too general

Too positive or negative

There is no such thing as a perfect company. There are always mistakes and problems in any activity even moving. So, any review that is too positive and that only praises is probably fake. If you can spot a hint of criticism in a review then it is probably real. However, sometimes scammers can work to block and limit competition by paying for bad reviews. In this case, you have to be clear that all bad review is probably fake. If the language is insulting and derogatory you can be certain of it. Real reviews are balanced and do not go to extremes either positive or negative.

The language

Normal people use normal language even when writing reviews. If the review is written in a simple way and in everyday language chances are that it is real. If it simply describes the experience of moving and content or discontent it is real. Fake reviews are written using academic language and can be offputting. They tend to get too emotional and with some form of marketing. If you come across such a review chances are that it is fake.

The style

Since moving is a hectic activity that happens quickly people, in general, do not remember every detail of it. So, any review that is too descriptive, detailed, and with a lot of unnecessary information, it is probably fake. In addition, most of the fake reviews are too general. Simple comments like “great”, “wow”, and “amazing” without any detail or worthy information are also fake.

Moving crew loading a truck
Make sure to analyze reviews to find the right movers

In short

Knowing how to recognize fake moving reviews is important as they are a tool to use when looking out for fraudulent movers. With some of this knowledge, you will be able to weed out fake reviews and make a more realistic decision when making moving company choices.

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