How to protect your piano during a move

Is it time to relocate to a new home? Are you a musician or your kid(s) are? A piano is a beautiful instrument, but a little bit hard to move. So, there is a question of how to protect your piano during a move and how to do it right?

When moving musical instruments, it may be difficult and complicated especially when moving a piano to a new home.

Playing a piano.
If you enjoy playing a piano, then you must move a piano with you to your new home

Tips to protect your piano during a move

Pianos are heavy and large, especially grand pianos, so how to relocate them safely and without any damages?

First of all, you will need help. The best and safest option is to hire a professional moving company that has experience with moving instruments. Moving a piano can be a challenge, but with piano movers, it will be a piece of cake. They have all the right equipment and knowledge for moving.

Research moving companies specialized in piano moving from your area and hire the best one. You will find a mover near you, experienced and reliable.

Protect your piano during a move.
Hire professionals to move your piano. It is the safest and easiest way to do this

Pack and prepare your piano for moving

But, there is another option, you can prepare a piano for moving, and someone else (movers) will transport it to a new destination. So, here are some simple tips and tricks that may help you pack your piano and prepare it for relocation.

  • Get the right equipment, such as heavy-duty straps for piano moving, you can rent it from a truck rental agency. Also, get a moving dolly, moving blankets, and padding. Not only you will need to protect your piano during a move, but also protect your floor and walls too.
  • Protect the keyboard lid by closing and locking it first. They are very fragile and if you cannot lock the keyboard lid, then just close it and wrap the piano, but don’t use tape to make sure the lid won’t open. This will leave damages on the piano surface.
  • Wrap the piano with an air bubble foil for example, or a moving blanket. Secure a moving blanket on corners with packing tape.
  • For lifting a piano, you will need help from friends (at least 2 people) and the right equipment such as a furniture dolly. The legs are extremely vulnerable and that’s why you should not lift it by its legs. Keep the piano in the upright and place the moving straps under the piano.

In the end, you will need to secure the piano in the truck. Protect your piano during a move and make sure it cannot move in a moving vehicle. Put your piano at the back of the moving truck, not in the front or on one side. After the move, unpack it and place it in your new home.

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