How to pack clothes for moving?

Packing for a move is one of the most tiring activities in the moving process. You have to take care to pack everything and do the unpacking in an orderly fashion. You also have to take care of where everything goes and how well it is protected. It is also important to take care to have enough clothing you can wear during your move. It can be difficult but it is manageable. So, how to go about when you have to pack clothes for moving?

A lot of packing options

Packing clothes is tiring and may seem overwhelming but it is quite easy. When you think about it, there are a lot more fragile things to worry about when you move. Packing and moving clothes in that respect is easy. You just have to take care to pack everything and not to get the clothes dirty or too wrinkly. The overwhelming part is the number of clothing items you may have and need to pack, carry, and unpack. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to securely pack your clothes and there are some new moving solutions that can make things easier. You can always find some creative advice and hacks online. So let’s start with some clothes packing preparation advice:

  • Assess your closet and decide on which of the clothes you need and use and therefore have to pack and move.
  • Donate, sell or throw-away items that you don’t use (we all have those)
  • Separate seasonal items, they may already be prepared for easy packing and disposal later on.
  • Separate your moving clothes
Cardboard boxes in the middle of the room.
Besides cardboard boxes, there are additional options for packing wardrobe.

Once you have done that, you are ready to pack, so let’s see what our packing options are.

Packing boxes

For packing folded items you can always use different cardboard packing boxes. You can buy them or find some free of charge from local stores. They are easy to use but be sure not to overload them. If you want, you can also buy specialty garment boxes that are easy to use when packing hanging clothes. You can simply transfer your clothes with hangers to these boxes with ease and be sure that they won’t get too wrinkled and that they will be well protected. For expensive items, you can also use garment bags for safe and secure transport. These solutions may be more expensive but are safe and help you pack more easily and quickly.

A standing open wardrobe
The wardrobe can be packed easily.

Use packing bags to pack clothes for moving

Using vacuum sealed packing bags is popular these days. These bags help you to easily pack bulky items in small spaces by removing air. They are easy to carry, stack, and pack almost anywhere. These bags provide adequate protection and keep your clothes safe. But, if you are in a hurry, you can opt for a DIY solution. Garbage bags may come in handy if you just wrap and close them around you hanging items leaving only hangers to stick out. This is a cheap, easy, and fast solution you can use in a hurry for transporting your whole closet in a minute.

Do it yourself packing

Packing materials may be too expensive when you move so sometimes it may be a priority to save money on such items. Luckily, there are some improvised solutions you can use that also save time and effort when packing. So, you can use your empty suitcases to pack your clothes without worrying about getting boxes or bags. You can also simply pull out the dresser drawers with your clothes in it, protect it with some plastic wrap and move it like that. These will save you time and effort when packing and unpacking and also save you money on packing supplies.

Folded clothes in a dresser before you pack clothes for moving.
Explore some creative ways and hacks for packing clothing.

So packing clothes can seem intimidating but the fact is that it is manageable. Just try to be creative to save on the effort you put into it. Try to work smart and fast and not hard and you will see you can pack clothes for moving with ease. So, let’s get you moving.

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