How to lower your relocation expenses in NYC

New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the country, so it is not a surprise that you want to save money on your move. But you do not know how you can make your move less expensive. New Movers Network will tell you how to lower your relocation expenses in NYC. Let’s see how and where you can save money on your relocation in the Big Apple.

Ask friends for help to lower your relocation expenses in NYC

The first way you can lower your moving expenses in the Big Apple is to get free labor. And where can you get free workers? You do not have to look far – ask your friends for help. Usually, your friend will be happy to help you move in New York City. They are in the same situation you are and know how costly New York City can get and that you need to pinch every penny. 

There are many ways friends can help you, from packing to providing emotional support. If you have enough friends, you can complete the packing of your home in one day. And when you finally need to load the truck, friends can help you with the heavy lifting. 

friends smiling
With friends on your side helping you move, you can lower your relocation expenses in NYC easily.

Besides free labor, friends can advise you on how to plan a move, especially if it is your first time. And they can give advice when picking moving companies. The best option will be if friends can recommend any local New York City movers. But if they have no recommendations, you can go with or research until you find the best relocation experts for you. 

Declutter to cut down on costs of your NYC relocation

The second way to save money on your move to the Big Apple is to declutter your home. To declutter your place in New York City effectively, you need to create an inventory of your household items. Go into each room of your home in NYC and write everything down on paper or a phone application. When you complete the inventory, go through it and decide what items you will keep and what don’t you need. 

When you have decided what you need and do not need, it’s time to get rid of those items. There are a few ways you can get rid of unwanted items from your home in NYC, and some of them will make you money. 

How to deal with unwanted items 

  • The first way you can get rid of your items involves your friends and family. You can give away any items from your NYC home to them. 
  • The second way to lower your relocation expenses in NYC is to donate your belongings. 
  • The third way is to have a garage sale to make money on your household items from your place in New York City. 
  • The final way is to sell your NYC belongings on the internet. To make it faster, you can choose to sell items only to New Yorkers. By selling your belongings locally, you will not have to worry about sending your items. You can meet with them and give them their items directly. 
a sign that says garage sale, learn how to lower your relocation expenses in NYC
To earn money and save money on your Big Apple relocation, organize a garage sale.

Decluttering will save you money because you will have fewer items to move to your new place in New York City. Fewer belongings mean you will have to spend less on moving supplies. In addition, if you hire a mover to help you transport your stuff, it will cost you less because there is less weight and volume. And if you decide to hire movers for your move to the Big Apple, watch out for fake online reviews. Fraudulent reviews can make you choose an unreliable mover. 

Get specific services from movers to lower your relocation expenses in NYC

The third way to spend less money while moving in New York City is to pick services you need from movers. 

Many people believe when they hire movers, they need to hire them for the whole relocation. But you do not need to hire movers to help you for a complete move to NYC. You can get them to help you with some tasks. For example, if you do not have anybody that has a big enough vehicle to help you transport your items, you can hire movers to transport your stuff. 

By getting movers to help you with specific tasks, you can save a ton of money. For example, you and your friends can handle getting the packing materials, and the packing and movers will only transport everything. 

However, if you do not have time to deal with moving tasks, affordable solutions are available, flat rate movers being an example. They will give you an estimate and the estimate is binding, which means that they can not add any additional fees down the line. 

Choose the right transportation

Another way your friends can help you minimize your relocation cost in New York City is to transport your stuff. Ask if any of your friends have larger vehicles that can transport many things at once. It will cost you a lot less than getting relocation experts to transport your items to your new home in New York City. 

But if you do not have any friends with trucks or vans, you can always rent a moving truck or van. Renting a vehicle and driving it yourself will cost you less than getting movers involved. It will cost you less because you do not have to pay the workers since you and your friends are loading and driving the truck yourself. 

Man sitting in a truck
Asking friends if they have a truck or renting it is much more cost-effective than hiring movers to transport your stuff to your new place in NYC.

You are ready to move affordably to New York City 

To lower your relocation expenses in NYC, you have to think outside the box. We have given you some ideas, try and think of some ways to save money on your move to NYC yourself.

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