How to find affordable moving services online?

You may hear that relocating your home costs a lot. Especially if you hire the moving company. That’s why you maybe think that it will be less costly to do it yourself. While there is some logic in that, in practice it’s not always the case. Moving on your own have more expenses than you imagine. So hiring the reliable, yet affordable moving services are the best way for a stress-free relocation. The internet can help you a lot in finding such movers.

Start your search as soon as possible

You may think that you have all the time in the world since your moving day is months away, but the reality is that you don’t. Moving your home is a big and demanding process that requires a lot of time and energy. You need to be prepared for your upcoming relocation.
That’s why you should start searching for the affordable moving services online as soon as the decision about your relocation is final.

The best movers go first…

Have in mind that good movers are usually booked way in advance. Good and affordable movers are even busier. So take advantage, and start your search early. The sooner you start the search, the better are the chances that you will find affordable assistance for your moving day.

Start looking for affordable moving services as soon as possible.
The more you wait, the more difficult it will be to find available affordable moving services.

More time will also give you more chances to thoroughly investigate moving companies and find the best one that suits your budget and your needs.

Check the legal status of the movers

When you are searching for affordable moving services online, select at least five companies that best suit your needs. The other and most crucial step is to check their legal status. This should be one of the first priorities on your moving checking list. You should do this first because if the movers aren’t legal, you shouldn’t do business with them. Simple as that. Do your homework and make sure that the companies you are considering have a proper license, insurance, and good reputation.

Make sure they are registered

In order for moving company to be legal, it has to have a special USDOT number. U.S. Department of Transportation is issuing this number for all the movers in the country. By entering the USDOT number of the company,  you can check on their website the licensing information of the affordable moving services that you are considering. If the company doesn’t have that number, it means that it isn’t legal.
You should eliminate it from your list of movers right away.

If the moving company is the member of American Storage and Moving Association, that is a very good sign.
This association has very strict standards, which means that its members are only the best moving companies in the business.

Read reviews and comments about affordable moving services

When you search for reliable and affordable moving services online, don’t skip the comments and reviews. They are the key to finding out how the certain company treats their customers.

There are some websites specifically design for customers to leave comments about the experiences that they have with diverse moving companies. Here you will find the most truthful reviews. Read what other people had to say about the movers they had hired. If the company has many negative reviews, that is a clear sign that you should cross it off your list of the potential movers to hireEspecially if the reviews are coming from the different sources.

Moving reviews usually have overall performance ratings and the concise narrative of the moving process. You will often find in them the pros and the cons of the movers that customers have noticed.

Check reviews of the affordable moving services.
Reviews can tell you a lot about the moving company.

Read what other people have said

It is also a good idea to search for experiences that people have with moving scams and the companies that were involved in them. Reliable companies know how good reputation is important, so they avoid participating in any forms of moving scams. Their business is transparent, and their websites have all the relevant information on them. Let’s take as an example. Here you can see how the website of the serious and reliable moving company should look like.
If the official website of the movers doesn’t have some essential information, like address or a phone number, that is very suspicious.

Request in-home price estimates

While you should use the internet to find the affordable moving services, you shouldn’t hire them without the in-home estimation.
Many reliable companies have online estimations, but that is just so you can get the general idea about the moving costs. The good moving company will point that out and offer a free in-home price estimation before you even ask for it.
Moving companies that refuse this request are not to be trusted.

Select few of the moving companies (at least three), and ask them to do the inspection of your home.
Representatives of the companies will come to your house and make an estimation on the spot, by taking into account all the moving obstacles and the inventory of your belongings. By comparing the various moving estimates, select the one that best suits your needs and your budget.

How the representative conduct an in-house estimation is very important

The way that representative is doing the in-house estimation is a reflection of the company itself. It is a good indicator that shows can you trust the company or not.

The representative of the company should:

  • Be thorough
  • Ask a lot of questions
  • Measure the size of the rooms, hallways, and door frames
  • Notice any moving obstacles – stairs, sharp edges, narrow spaces, holes in the floor, etc.
  • Make a lot of notes
  • Make a list of inventory that contains all of your belongings
  • Explain all the moving expenses, company fees and the costs of additional services
  • Have an answer to any of your questions
  • Be polite and professional

    Representative of the moving company.
    Pay close attention to the representative that is doing your in-house estimation.

If you notice that the representative is rude and dismissive, that he doesn’t take notes or measure anything, that is a clear sign that you are dealing with the shady company. The best thing you can do is to eliminate this company and hire the more reliable affordable moving services.

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