How to find affordable movers in 2020 and not get scammed

Even if we are living in the 21st century, things like moving scams are unfortunately still around us. Dishonest people are preying, taking advantage of our constant struggle to save money. They come in different shapes and ways, making us fear for our belongings. However, the situation is not so grim overall. It’s possible to find affordable movers in 2020 and not get scammed. Of course, we have to learn how to recognize them, so that’s what we’ll discuss here.

Find affordable movers in 2020 without getting scammed

Preparing for moving will always be a challenging task. From organizing every single step prior to the move to adjusting to a new life afterward. In the meantime, we have to research, read, and learn how to be ready for anything. Almost like “hope for the best but be ready for the worst” saying. Considering there are thousands of companies on the market, we’ll have to learn to read signs to avoid any suspicious and shady business. There are still affordable honest companies on the market like, and they are too fighting against the bad ones. So, follow these next couple of steps when trying to “separate the wheat from the chaff”:

  • Get recommendations from other people
  • Check online reviews and ratings
  • Carefully inspect claims
  • Always use credit cards instead of cash
  • Pay attention to red flags when looking to find affordable movers

Get recommendations from other people

Don’t choose the moving company before previously exhausting all the resources. In other words, start by asking your friends and family members for the recommendation. Some of them might have recent positive experience with a moving company. Don’t just hold on there. Chances are, some of your acquaintances and even neighbors were either moving recently or planning to do so. In each case, join your forces and exchange pieces of information so you are able to find a reputable company.

Two women talking.
Friends are always there to share some valuable information.

Check online reviews and ratings

Since the internet is the major hub of information exchange, make use of it. There are many websites, portals, and forums where people share their opinions and experiences. Someone who had a bad experience with a mover will not calm easily. The bad experience causes frustration, and displaying a negative opinion publicly is almost like therapeutical in some cases. People won’t hesitate to say what they have about various things. And moving companies are among them. Whether it’s a good or a bad review, you have a great chance to find it.

Carefully inspect claims

One of the best initial ways to check the company’s reputation is to check information on the Best Business Bureau website. Feedbacks left there, in combination with claims, can give you a pretty good picture of the company’s business policies. Or the lack of the same. Not only you will see people complain about various things, but you will get a hold on to how is each company handling these complaints. The ability to resolve a dispute and the way they treat their customers says a lot.

Always use credit cards instead of cash

As a matter of precaution, you should always pay with a credit card. In case of dispute, you can retrieve your money through the third party. In this case, your bank. Also, if a moving company is asking for cash only, just skip them to avoid any unnecessary risk.

Visa, Master Card, and American Express credit cards.
When it comes to bills, a credit card is a better choice.

Pay attention to red flags when looking to find affordable movers

With a cash-only policy, we are coming to another group of conclusions we have to learn how to make use of. In the same manner, you should learn how to recognize other signs of shady business. Any red flags you come along are almost certain signs something is not right. So, you should immediately stay away from such a company. The reputable company won’t risk its reputations by using these cheap tricks.

Closely check for details about the company

Generally, you are looking for a company that is longer in business. BBB is a great source of info. But, even the company’s website can provide some important data. A reputable company will have no problems with displaying their physical address, contact numbers, names of employees, or any other significant information. If you are still not sure, ask for references.

No in-house estimates

A professional moving company will always do an in-house inspection. Logically, that is the only way they can tell you exact moving costs. Since cost is dependent on the weight and number of items, as well as the distance, they will have to closely inspect your entire home. Coming on site and asking a lot of questions about your possessions is a good sign. They will also answer any questions you might have to ask. And a good company representative will even offer some pieces of advice about the organization. Whether just correcting you, or giving you suggestions, it’s supposed to be like that. Any absence of initiative to carefully inspect details is a definitive red flag.

See what insurance protection they offer

There are two kinds of insurances as two different levels of responsibility:

  • Full value protection – the most complete and comprehensive insurance plan covering everything.
  • Common value protection – 60 cents per pound which is just a basic plan.

Always check what the company is offering, and make sure to get additional insurance if necessary.

The requested deposit

No reputable moving company will ask for a large deposit before the moving process is over. In many cases, they will not ask for it at all. They get paid after the job is done. If you pay them upfront, there is no guarantee you will get your belongings delivered. Trustworthy companies know that so they avoid such endeavors.

Get everything in writing

No matter what kind of circumstances are, you should always demand everything in writing. Nothing is a valid proof unless it’s on paper. If the mover is giving you a blank piece of paper, stay away from them. All the costs, numbers, weights should be in writing, otherwise, you have no confirmation about any agreement. Also, all types of services, regular and special ones should be in writing too.

Contract signing between people.
Always ask for everything in writing!

With scams in every industry, it’s sometimes hard to know how to react. But, with a little luck, and more patience, you will be able to find affordable movers in 2020 without getting scammed. They are there, you just need to compare them and find the most suitable option for your needs.

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