How to deal with loud neighbors

We all know the gruesome tale of painfully loud neighbors. You just came from work and you want some peace and quiet. There’s a book at your night-side table you’ve been trying to read in the last couple of months, but you never have the time. You say to yourself: well, this is the moment, if there’s ever been one. You lay on your bed, open the book, and then… It happens. You’ve hoped it wouldn’t happen, but it did. Obnoxiously loud screaming from the next-door apartment. You’ve gotten used to it, but this time it really makes your nerves go wild. If you slightly recognize yourself in the previous sentences, you’re at the right address. Find out how to deal with loud neighbors in the quick guide below.

Kindness is the key in most cases

There’s no need to pull off every diplomatic trick you got in your hat. The best way is always the easiest one: avoid being confrontational. Choose the correct timing for your approach. Don’t awkwardly knock on their door, perhaps you should use your everyday meetings with them inside the building for your approach. In most cases – it resolves the problem very quickly and without much stress. You probably think being kind doesn’t pay off – but it does, regardless of what people might accept as everyday truth.

A girl holding a sign that reads "Love your neighbor as yourself"
This girl may seem like an idealist, but she’s absolutely right. Unfortunately – rare are those who can really put that statement into action.

Install better sound isolation

Let’s say the tactic above didn’t work. Your neighbors are a hard nut to crack. You’ve tried with kindness, you’ve tried being tough and nothing good came out of it. Every choice involving your neighbors trying their best to be quieter seems like a disaster in advance. There’s a way you can get past this problem – install better sound isolation, soundproof your walls. Find some how-to manuals, try spending less money on something you really wouldn’t need in other circumstances, although soundproofing your place will give you a new sense of personal freedom, whether your neighbors are a mess or not. You can pick your neighborhood, but you can’t pick your neighbors.

A girl listening to music, sitting on a rug
Soundproofing your apartment is guaranteed to give you a new sense of personal freedom

Contact your landlord

If the two solutions above don’t work you can always contact your landlord. See if the landlord can act as a mediator. He surely doesn’t want to lose stable tenants. You can presume he will do anything in his power to prevent further problems from happening. While talking to the person, try being calm, informative, without using strong words. That way your message will reach its destination without much struggle. As a last resort, we’d suggest calling the police. Hopefully, there will be no need to call law enforcement authorities. Other solutions are, of course, more civilized and require less nerve-racking situations.

So, there you have it. Hope you enjoyed this quick guide on how to deal with loud neighbors. Many solutions are left unmentioned, but these are ones that almost always take care of the problem.

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