How to create a music room in your NY home

If you plan to create a music room in your NY home you will need some tips. Luckily we found a few useful ones. This is surely a great and exciting project you have ahead of you and the best time to do it is in the spring when the weather is nice and mild. Winters and summers can be very harsh in New York and it can make things difficult but it’s not impossible to do some remodeling at that time of the year.

The dedicated room

The first thing you need to do is choose a room where your future music room will be. Measure everything and if you know how to make a 3d model of a room so you can plan the layout for your music room. You can use platforms like SketchUp or Maya to do it, it’s pretty easy. That way you can plan where everything will be and then you can start preparing the room. You can move everything gradually or you can move everything quickly. Let’s see what you need to do next.

How to prepare a room?

The first thing you want to do is get rid of everything that doesn’t belong there. So, decluttering will be your first step. This is a crucial step and you cant work around the mess. Everything needs to go now. If you need someone to help you with junk removal, you can call Pack & Go Movers. After you are done with this part you will need to freshen up the room a little bit.

Preparing a room – step two

Maybe you can add a fresh coat of paint. That will make the room look nicer and cleaner. That is always nice and you will feel better. Consider deep cleaning if necessary. Sometimes it can be a great solution if your carpets haven’t been cleaned for a long time. If you have a blackout curtain get rid of it. If you want curtains, add some thin white ones. Since this will be your music room you will need as much light as possible so you can read your notes. Get some free moving boxes and start packing everything now so you can start painting your room.

A person painting  a wall as you should do before you create a music room in your NY home
White is the safest choice. But you can go bold if you wish.

What else do you need for your music room?

If you want to create a music room in your NY home, you need to think about other things you want there besides your instrument. One instrument doesn’t make a music room. What you need depends a lot on the instrument you are playing, of course, and you alone will know the best what else you need and what can be on your wish list and you can get that later. Don’t forget to add some shelves ( you need a place to put your metronome) and some storage for your books and notes. This is something you can DIY and if you want to save some money you should check out IKEA. They have some cheap yet stylish storage solutions. If you need some storage while you are preparing your room, all you need to do is Google it.


This is something you should consider if you live in a building. If you live in a house you don’t have to unless you have other family members like kids and you are using your music room during their nap time. Soundproofing is not cheap so you might want to call a contractor first and talk about this option before you start bringing your instruments.

Headphones on the table as a symbol of soundproofing because that is something you need to do if you want to create a music room in your NY home
This is something to consider.

Create a music room in your NY home and make it stylish

  • brick walls look amazing in music rooms
  • use your instruments as decoration
  • add an accent wall if you don’t have brick walls
  • find a way to disguise storage for example a bench can be a great way to store some ugly stuff you might need
  • add some nice carpeting
  • make sure to have good lighting but try to make it stylish and match the room decor

When half of the job is done

If you have big instruments like piano, for example, you want to bring them when half of the job is done. A big instrument can be pretty hard to avoid while painting walls or deep cleaning the carpets. When it comes to getting your piano to your new room, let experts handle your instrument as this is the safest way. Piano movers are the safest option since they have the necessary equipment.

Choosing the lights

If you want to create a music room in your NY home and do it properly you need to spend some time finding the perfect solutions for lighting. You will need the main lighting like a chandelier for example. You might want to get the one where you can choose the intensity of the light (dimmer). Of course, you should also have one or two (depending on the size of the room) floor lamps you can move around to adjust the ideal light for practicing. That is the ideal solution. Now you need to figure out your budget and how to do it. We are not saying this project is easy. It will be worth it though once it’s over. You will be able to enjoy it fully.

A boy posing in front of the piano
Finding a perfect light is going to be a big part of this project.

Something for the mood

Besides adjusting the lights you can add other elements for the mood. The scent is what many people like. Scented candles can be great and very aesthetic so think about that for a second. Of course, those are finishing touches once everything is done. Good luck with your music room and hopefully soon enough you will be able to enjoy it and create your music in peace.

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