Household repairs after the move: what to expect

 So you’ve finally moved to your new home and you want to start introducing yourself to your new neighbors? While there’s no reason not to do that, you should know that your job is not done. Before actually settling in, you will want to change a thing or two. And, of course, that will involve some household repairs after the move.  Whether it’s changing the color of the walls, or fixing the floor, or changing a pipe here and there, there’s going to be some work.

Household repairs after the move: it depends

If you’re wondering how much of repairing there’s to do, it all depends on your new home. The list suggested includes some of the common things that need to be repaired after moving in. You might need to:

  • fix the walls
  • change outlet wall plates
  • polish your old floor
  • do some minor repairs

Fixing the walls

It’s a good chance that you need to fix your walls. It might be because of a hole, or small damage, or at least a stain on the wall, that you need to paint all the walls. Or it could simply be that you don’t like the color of the walls. So choose the colors that you like, and repaint them, so that your new walls are all fresh and clean.

White paint and a brush.
A new color makes all the difference

Replace old outlet wall plates

Wallplates get dirty, even if they’re not that old. Or, they can get broken, when carrying in the furniture. So, wait until you position your furniture, before replacing them. Why have a loose and old wall plate, when they’re not that expensive at all? Unless, of course, you need to change all of them. However, they’re not that hard to replace, it’s usually a cork or two that keep them fixated. Also, you should consider calling a handyman, as you don’t want to mess with electricity. After you replace all of them, your walls will get a whole new look, you’ll see.

Polishing your floors

After moving in, you should clean all the floors thoroughly with alcohol. But, even after this cleaning, your hardwood floors look dirty, you should consider polishing. However, you should know that this usually is not a cheap and quiet process. If you’re moving in with your friend, or with someone you don’t share the budget with, you can split the costs. Only after you’re done with the walls, take the time to deal with your new floors. The end result will not disappoint you, because your floor will start looking differently.

Minor repairs

Not all of the household repairs after the move are major. There might be a minor repair or two that would make your new life more convenient. For example, it might be that your drawer is falling out from its place, or a cupboard door that is crooked. Or you could have a leaking pipe under the basin. Either way, repairing the closets, cupboard and cabinets don’t take a lot of time for a good handyman. So, call a handyman that you can trust, and get this done.
Hammer and nails
Minor household repairs after the move are going to make your life more convenient

Time to enjoy

There will always be more household repairs after the move. So, at some point, you have to start enjoying your new home, even if it needs more repairs. After all this hard work, you definitely deserve it.


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