Hoboken’s best neighborhoods for young adults

If NYC seems too expensive, but you still need a vibrant place close to Manhattan, Hoboken is a perfect choice. Even though only one square mile in size, this small town, just across the Hudson River, has a lot to offer. While you won’t find a lot of neighborhoods in a formal sense, there are some parts that stand out. And many young adults prefer to choose them over others in the area because of affordability, job opportunities, and personal preferences. Given the fact that it offers a lot, it’s no surprise why Hoboken’s best neighborhoods for young adults are among their top choices.

Hoboken’s best neighborhoods for students and young professionals

First, you need to consider several things about Hoboken when choosing the right place to live in.

  • Considering the size, Hoboken is one of the top walkable cities in the states. Generally speaking, you can get anywhere in minutes. However, if you plan to own a car, finding a parking space might be a problem.
  • If you want to live in Hoboken and work in Manhattan, it will be necessary to find housing options near the train or subway.
  • Hoboken is a pet paradise, but you might want to look for options closer to parks for the best experience.
  • The majority of housing options are condos and townhouses. With the new constructions coming every day, it’s possible to find cheaper rentals for students and young professionals.

With these basics in mind, let’s see why and what people find favorable in certain parts of Hoboken.

Maxwell Place neighborhood

This is the area north of Maxwell Place Park. It offers amazing riverfront views and a tranquil atmosphere rarely seen in such urbanized areas. While young adults have plenty of relatively affordable housing options to choose from, families also prefer this part. All Season Movers NJ help the majority of students who are moving here because of the Stevens Institute of Technology. Finally, it’s a safe, picturesque part, with plenty of shops, restaurants, bars, and multiple transportation routes.

Uptown Hoboken area

From 8th Street to 18 Street, Uptown Hoboken offers a lot of urban and walkable places to chose from. It spreads along the Hudson river and envelops several blocks of modern housings great for first-time movers.  While it’s considered a major neighborhood, it contains a few smaller sections concentrated around gorgeous parks. It also has an abundance of local amenities within a fair distance from each other.

Two modern buildings with plenty of greenery outside.
You can find numerous modern looking buildings with parks nearby in Hoboken, NJ.

Hoboken’s best neighborhoods in Downtown Hoboken

For the more vibrant options, you can easily transfer to your new neighborhood in Downtown Hoboken. Young professionals can enjoy the stroll on the breathtaking waterfront, or enjoy in peace in Pier C Park. It’s a bit harder to find an affordable place between Washington Street and the waterfront area. But, you can choose the neighborhood around Harrison Street and still be in the center of everything. The access to Manhattan through the Holland tunnel or by ferries is making it’s eastern neighborhoods the most desirable blocks for workers. However, in this part of Hoboken, you will never lack an exciting nightlife scene that rivals with much greater places, like NYC.

A nice looking condo in Downtown Hoboken neighborhoods.
For spacious condos, the waterfront neighborhoods in Downtown Hoboken offer the most.

All things considered, you can easily see why these are¬†Hoboken’s best neighborhoods for young adults. They have all the benefits of big city living, rich history, diverse amenities, and amazing locations filled with great people.

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