History lover’s guide to Newark

If you are searching for a charming environment to start a new life somewhere in the Garden State, you will have plenty of reasons to pick Newark to become your next home! This place is highly recommended for everyone who enjoys learning something new about history, architecture, culture, etc. Apart from those, in Newark, you will experience many other benefits. So, if you are interested in those, you won’t make a mistake picking this part of NJ to be your new residence. Instead, do your best and prep yourself for a relocation. While so, keep reading this article to discover what a history lover’s guide to Newark has to offer to its fans!

Anyhow, before you begin prepping for exploring Newark, you need to do your best to move there. So, when leaving your old home, get some tips for planning a going-away party before moving. Then, organize packing, and have a plan for transferring your belongings to Newark. Once you take care of those tasks, you can focus on settling down. Still, since you are a history buff, make sure to have this guide by your side. 

Thanks to a history lover's guide to Newark a couple is exploring the city.
Take your time to discover what Newark has to offer, so you can prep for exploring!

In this history lover’s guide to Newark, you will have lots of museums to check out

So, the best way to begin your adventure in Newark after moving is, for sure, to check out its museums. You see, Newark has a pretty rich history and culture, so you can expect lots of amazing places for visiting. Some of the most recommended spots for you to see are:

  • The Newark Museum of Art
  • GRAMMY Museum Experience Prudential Center
  • The Jewish Museum of New Jersey
  • N J Historical Society

Anyhow, as a resident, you will have plenty of time to explore everything you want in this city. And to become a local, you have to move here. To simplify this relocation as much as possible, you won’t make a mistake if you decide to ask Eagle Van Lines to help you perform this move. Thanks to these movers, you will settle down in your new home in this city in no time. Experts will safely transfer your belongings, so you can begin unpacking right away. As soon as you move in, you can put these great museums on your list for checking out!

The next stop – monuments

Along with lots of museums, you will also have plenty of monuments and historic landmarks to check out as well. And considering how rich Newark is when it comes to history, you can expect lots of interesting spots to visit. So, once you pack, prep for the move, and handle the things to do on a moving day, you can get ready for settling down. While so, after unpacking, you might as well want to consider visiting these landmarks:

  • Seated Lincoln Statue
  • Suburban Vaults & Monuments
  • Essex County Monuments
  • Settler’s Monument
  • Krueger-Scott Mansion
Building in Newark.
In a history lover’s guide to Newark, you will find lots of outstanding buildings and monuments.

For history buffs, it is also recommended to check out churches and cathedrals

Since you are a history lover, you can’t miss visiting churches and cathedrals in Newark. These spots represent spiritual values in Newark and they are pretty significant for the community. So, if you are interested to learn what they have to offer, here are some options at your disposal:

  • First Presbyterian Church
  • St. John’s Catholic Church
  • St Lucy’s Roman Catholic Church
  • Trinity & St. Philip’s Cathedral
  • St. Patrick’s Pro-Cathedral

Again, you might want to team up with reliable locals who will help you move into your new home in Newark as soon as possible. Thanks to these professionals, you will be able to settle down in your residence in no time. Movers from Newark will take care of the entire process, so you can simply relax and let them do their job. Instead of worrying about your relocation, you better focus on prepping yourself for exploring these amazing historic sites. 

Galleries and antique shops are also on the list of history lover’s guides to Newark

You see, these spots can help you learn so much about the city’s history. So, for sure, they must be considered for visiting. Galleries that will blow your mind are Paul Robeson Galleries at Express Newark, Rutgers University – Newark, Akwaaba Gallery, Gallery Aferro, etc. As for the antique shops, without a doubt, you will find something you like in All Antiques, Newel, LLC, etc.

In those places, you will be able to find lots of interesting things for checking out. However, if you are a passionate history buff, you probably have a serious collection of valuable pieces in your possession. And since you are planning on moving, you might want to take that inventory with you when you begin living in Newark. And to ensure a safe transition of those items, you should collect some tips on how to safely pack and move antiques. Thanks to those tricks, you will have your precious belongings in your new home in perfect shape.

Newark, street.
Once you become a resident, you will have plenty of opportunities to properly explore Newark!

Some other spots in the greater Newark area history buffs should visit

  • Check out the historic district – Four Corners.
  • Forest Hill is also an incredible place for visiting.
  • If you want to spend time in parks, put on your list for exploring Branch Brook Park, Military Park, and Lincoln Park.

Apart from those, in Newark, you will find plenty of other spots worthy of your attention. However, when you become a resident, you will have enough time to properly check out every option. So, before that happens, make sure you do your homework about history! Learn what makes Newark so attractive to history buffs. Also, while exploring the city, you will need the help of a history lover’s guide to Newark. Thanks to that, you will be able to get to know your new environment in no time!

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