Guide to West Hollywood housing market: 2021 prices and trends

West Hollywood is a small city located in the state of California. Home prices are not among the most expensive in the state of California. However, it is ranked as one of the most expensive in America. This city is home to a lot of young professionals such as managers, sales and office workers. The place is also known to be home and inspiration to a lot of people who work in art, media, and design. Thus, let us explore all about the West Hollywood housing market if you believe this might be your perfect new home location.

West Hollywood view
West Hollywood, appears to be attractive to younger, educated professionals, who also have impact in shaping the character of the city.

What’s going on in the West Hollywood housing market?

Are you considering a place in West Hollywood as your new investment? Before doing anything, you should do research on West Hollywood housing market trends for 2021 and know what to expect. In April this year, West Hollywood home prices were down about 20.7% compared to last year. Homes are sold for a median price of $967K. On average, homes in West Hollywood sell after only 43 days on the market compared to 68 days a year before.

Top Neighbourhoods in West Hollywood

Here’s a list of some of the best neighbourhoods in West Hollywood

  • Melrose Ave & N Robertson Blvd
  • N Fuller Ave & Santa Monica Blvd
  • City Center and Touro College Los Angeles

Melrose Ave & N Robertson Blvd

Melrose Ave & N Robertson Blvd is another great neighborhood located in West Hollywood, California. The median real estate price starts at around $1,473,201. It makes it more expensive than 83.0% of the neighborhoods in California and 96.0% of the in the entire U.S. While most neighborhoods offer different types of housing, here it’s quite the opposite. The fact which makes this neighborhood unique is the number of studios and other small living spaces. Almost 84.9% of the real estate here is of this small size!

N Fuller Ave & Santa Monica Blvd

Santa Monica Blvd & N Fuller Ave real estate price (median price) is around $1,455,525, a bit more expensive than 88.7% of the neighborhoods in California. This neighborhood stands out in the way it looks for a specific reason: this neighborhood has a big number of complexes and high-rise apartments than any neighborhood in the entire country! While most neighborhoods represent a mixture of different housing types, this one is mostly dominated by huge apartment buildings and complexes.

City Center and Touro College Los Angeles

This neighborhood’s median real estate price is around $1,034,546. It makes it more expensive than 78.7% of the neighborhoods in California and 95.1% of in the entire U.S. This neighborhood’s real estate offers a lot. From small studio to two bedrooms apartments to medium-sized (apartments with three or four bedrooms). They also have a lot of family homes. Many of the residences in this neighbourhood are very old. They were built between 1940 and 1969.

Los Angeles CA
City Center / Touro College Los Angeles neighbourhood offers a lot

Moving to West Hollywood

Now that you’ve found your perfect home in the West Hollywood housing market, it’s time to prepare for your move! Here are some of the tips you should follow to make your relocation so much easier.


It the moment when we start preparing for relocation that we realize we might have too many things. You probably have old clothes or toys, piled somewhere in the back of the room or closet. Not to mention household items you generally do not use or gifts you never even used. Either way, relocating is perfect timing to declutter. By decluttering, you’ll clean your place and get rid of the things you no longer use or need. This will make your life and packing so much easier later on!


Now that you are done sorting out all of your possessions, the next step is packing. Packing properly is a must! It’s one of the main recipes for a stress-free move. Even though it’s usually seen as boring and intimidating, you have to do it the right way. Make sure to get a lot of boxes. They are the ones protecting your items which is why it’s quality and durability are important. Especially when packing fragile things.

family packing
Packing the right way is one of the main things to do in order to have a stress free relocation.

Transportation to West Hollywood

After finding a house and packing, the next step is to move and transport your possessions. We suggest that you should rely on assistance in the area to give you a hand with the moving process. This way, your relocation will be smooth, fast, and easy. Not only that but the task will be handled by people who are professionals. Besides the experience they have with moving, they also have experience in that particular area.

Hiring profesional movers

Relocating is often exhausting and overwhelming. There are just too many things you have to think about. Since things tend to be chaotic we would suggest hiring a moving company such as SOS Moving. They offer high-quality moving services and with swift, diligent, and honest employees they have, you’ll have nothing to worry about!

Moving day

So you are ready to move! But, there are still some of the things you should think about and prepare so you can be ready when the moving day arrives. This day will be very hectic so be prepared. Pack up your last things, stay healthy and make sure to get enough sleep especially the night before the move!

Stay safe and healthy

Any type of relocation is stressful and exhausting. And not just for your body, but for your mind too. First, make sure to get enough rest, take vitamins, and have regular meals. For your mind, make sure to also get some rest. Try meditation or anything that makes you happy.

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