Guide to the most affordable towns in Illinois

Illinois is a great state to move to for plenty of reasons. It has so much to offer and give and not a lot of people seem to realize just how great this state is. This is why we wanted to encourage more people to move to Illinois. There are at least ten reasons we can tell you why you should do I. But that is not what we are here to write about. We are here to tell you about some of the most affordable towns in Illinois. There are plenty of them but we chose just a couple while creating this helpful guide. So, if thinking about relocating to a more affordable place this year, here are a couple of our suggestions we think you will love.


We have to begin this guide somewhere so we figured the best place to start from is Lincolnwood. This is a small town located on the outskirts of Chicago. It can be considered as a suburb of Chicago. This automatically makes it very appealing for those who were thinking about moving to Chicago. Chicago is amazing. It has everything you need and so much more. But it is expensive. This is why moving to one of the most affordable towns in Illinois is what you should be doing. And there are plenty of reasons for you to move to a small town.

Lincolnwood s a suburb of Chicago.

And Lincolnwood is just that. Home prices in Lincolnwood are pretty reasonable and not high at all. You can find a decent home for a reasonable amount of money. There are expensive, luxurious homes here as well. But we are guessing that since you are reading this guide, you aren’t really interested in finding out more about those. When moving to Lincolnwood, you need to make sure that you can transport everything stress-free no matter where you are moving. Even if moving locally in an area, hiring movers is always a good idea.


Skokie is located close to Lincolnwood. In fact they are not very far away from each other. Even though locals can help you settle in within the Skokie area, you might decide to relocate from one place to another. A lot of people seem to be doing so. And it is not because they don’t seem to be enjoying living in Lincolnwood or Skokie. It is just because living in both is great. Why not experience the two towns? 

Both Skokie and Lincoln have plenty of things that you can see and do. This is why these two of the most affordable towns in Illinois attract the most attention. You’ll find great schools here. These towns are very well connected to the downtown of Chicago. There are plenty of places for you to visit if living in Skokie or Lincolnwood no matter how old you are. Both elderly and young people move to Illinois. And these two towns are most people”s choice.

Oak Park

Another amazing town in Illinois and an affordable town as well would be Oak Park. Oak Park is the third suburb of Chicago on our list and possibly the last. Living near Chicago is important to a lot of people. Especially young people planning on working on their careers and raising families. This is why we wanted to point out the nearest places to Chicago first. Those who are moving with pets will love Oak Park.

Oak trees.
Oak Park is one of the most beautiful towns in Illinois.

Oak Park is a town, a suburb, where renting a home is very affordable. Since we know that not a lot of people can afford to invest in a home, we did plenty of research in order to find a town with affordable rent. And Oak Parks is one of them. Not only is it affordable but it is very beautiful as well. Even though this is a suburb, it has a very urban feel because of all the young people who are living here. So, if you want to have a lot of fun and rent a very nice home to live in while doing it, Oak Park is for you and can help you relocate in no time.


Springfield is one of the best places to live in Chicago even if t weren’t so affordable. There are plenty of things to do in Springfield, Illinois. It is a big city with a lot of options. But it is also one of the most affordable towns in Illinois for owning a home. There are plenty of people who would want to purchase a home to live in instead of renting one. We find investing to be the best thing to do any time. Owning your home is much better than renting one. And you will have an easy time finding the perfect home for you and your family if you decide to relocate to Springfield. 

Home in Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln used to live in Springfield which is why there is a town in Illinois named Lincolnwood.

The home prices in Springfield vary. You can find a small home for just $60,000 but you can also find an apartment for that amount of money. You might be needing a bigger home and you will be able to find one. Just $100,000 can get you a three-bedroom home. This is why plenty of people are moving to Springfield actually. Even people who are not from the state of Illinois. Interstate moves are very common these days.

Moving can be easy

Moving isn’t an easy task when you are not prepared for it. Especially if this is your first time moving. So, make sure you prepare everything. Both yourself and your belongings. Have somebody helping you no matter whether moving with a family or it’s just you. Hire professional movers for the job in order to reduce stress when moving. One thing’s for certain, you’ll love living in Illinois. Hiring movers is the best thing to do to make senior relocation easier to handle.

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