Guide to shipping valuables overseas

If you want to ship high-value items, you need to find the right company and the right service. When shipping valuables overseas, you need to take special measures so that you can be sure that your items arrive at their destination.  You might now how to pack your clothes or shoes. But that doesn’t mean it’s the same as preparing your valuables before shipping. With valuable items, you need to take more care. Read on and learn the basics of shipping high-value items abroad.

Is shipping valuables overseas possible?

Of course, it is – delivering good to the wanted address is absolutely possible and very common. Although you need to know that some couriers don’t ship valuable items. And that’s the reason why people ship them with standard shipping services. However, that’s not the best thing to do, so if you decide to do that, you’re doing it at your own risk. What you should do is contact the company that you can trust and see what kind of service they offer is the best for you in this specific case.

Globe with packages ready for shipping.
Shipping high-value items overseas is quite common

Find the company you can trust

Unfortunately, not all companies do their job the right way. Remember, it’s extremely important that you find the company you can trust with shipping your valuable items abroad. Hire a company like Transparent International NYC, a moving and shipping specialists. That way, you’ll be able to know for sure that your valuables are in the right hands. Remember, you can only trust a company with a good reputation and a professional crew to handle your belongings.


Packing plays a vital role in ensuring that your item arrives safe and sound to its destination. That’s why you might want to use high-quality crates when packing these items. Also, you should use a lot of packing material to protect the item. And, origin inventory should contain detailed information on the state of your item before shipping.

Fragile, warning to illustrate shipping valuables overseas
Be sure to protect your items when shipping valuables overseas


The company needs to list your items, with the information about its dimensions, weight, value, and the state that it’s in. This document is usually called origin inventory or household goods descriptive inventory. The reason why this is important is insurance. You need to be covered for a loss or any damage that might occur. Once the item arrives, everyone makes sure that the item arrived in the same condition as before it was shipped. So you should absolutely not forget about the shipping insurance. It’s never smart to ship your valuables overseas without the insurance.

Additional services

Some people don’t feel safe until they’re sure that the items have been delivered. And that’s absolutely reasonable, especially when shipping fragile or valuable items. That’s why there are tracking services that some companies even offer for free. This will allow you to get regular updates on how your shipment is going. You’ll get a customer support person who will help you feel safe when shipping valuables overseas.

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