Fun things to do in Kihei, Hawaii

Kihei is one of the smaller cities with the beach-combing territory on Maui’s shore. It’s one of the sunniest places on the island Where rain is a rarity. It was a regular destination for Hawaiian royalty, with 6 miles of beaches and clear views of West Maui, Molokini, Kahoolawe, and Lanai. Along with surfing and swimming, which are main entertainments in this area, you have the opportunity to snorkel, paddle board, and go whale watching. Since this island has a lively fauna and flora, birdwatchers will also enjoy Kealia Pond, which is located in the north of Hawaii. There are also plenty of places for nature lovers to visit from boat tours to island tours. The list of fun things to do in Kihei is just the start of your discovery of the hidden gems this island is offering.


Hawaii is known for sea turtles, whales, reefs, and clear water. One of the fun things to do in Kihei is to snorkel, you will not want to miss that. Especially not the tour to Molokini. Molokini is a volcanic crater with the crescent shape which is surrounded by the crystal blue waters and breathtaking visibility that can exceed 180ft on the ideal days. Some of the species of colorful tropical fish that can be found here, don’t exist anywhere else on Earth. It is an adventure of a lifetime that you don’t want to miss. Boats leave early in the morning to get there before most of the other tours to give you the best experience.

Surfing and stand up paddle boarding

If you are one of the people who love to know what to expect and still want to learn to ride the waves which can be unpredictable, Kihei is the best place for you. Calm ocean conditions in Kihei allow you to learn how to surf and stand up on a paddle board in a relatively predictable environment. The waves are ideal for both beginner and the intermediate crowd. Locals are keeping some islands only for themselves. But the Cove is open to the public, the water there is shallow, and waves are minimal. So there is a good chance for you to learn how to surf and keep your balance on the water. Another fun thing to do is learn to stand up paddleboard, which is considered a low impact workout. There are also stand up paddleboard guided tours of the islands best spots.

A man surfing
Waves in Kihei are ideal for both beginner and intermediate surfers

Exhibits of humpback whales

One of the fun things to do in Kihei is to visit exhibits The Visitor’s Center offers related to humpback whales. When going to the exhibits, be prepared to hear a lot about Hawaiian plants, animals, and culture. They take pride in their heritage and love to share their knowledge. You will have the opportunity to hear the majestic humpback whale songs. The whales migrate every year from Alaska to Hawaii. They spend their winters in Hawaii from January to late April. The tours are educational and very informative.

Town party

Kihei is known as a friendly community so every fourth Friday in a month, Kihei hosts a town party. When you talk about fun things to do in Kihei, this is the one everyone will tell you about. There is something for everyone’s taste:

  • Live music
  • Dancing
  • Food trucks
  • Stands
  • Keiki Youth zone for kids

You’ll find a lot of artwork for sale made by a local craftsman. If you want to bring something unique to your family and friends back home, this is a great place to pick up gifts. Because the festivities begin in the early evening, this is an ideal evening out for the whole family. It is hard not to love Kihei with all it has to offer. You might start seeing yourself living in that place. If you do, Kihei has reliable movers for you if you start thinking about moving there.

Mandala artwork illustration
You will get the chance to see a lot of artwork made by local craftsman

Looking for more fun things to do in Kihei? Our advice – Hit the beach

There are a lot of things to explore in Hawaii, especially Kihei. Sometimes, people want to see as much stuff as they can in a short time. But we suggest you take some time to sit back and relax on the beautiful beaches of Kihei. Kihei has around six miles of amazing beaches, where you can find the perfect spot to take in the beauty of the shoreline. Some of the beaches you must visit are:

  • Charley Young
  • Kamaole Beach III
  • Keawakapu
  • Poolenalena Beach

If you are a beach person, looking to start a new life in a new place, you might want to consider moving to Maui. This island offers a distinctive culture with top-notch restaurants and beautiful nature, all of this will make your vacation unforgettable. But if you decide to move there, Wailea Movers Hawaii is your best choice. They provide you with professional service and put the customers’ satisfaction in the first place.

Island art party

If you have fallen in love with Maui and are already in love with art, you must visit the Island Art Party. It is an art gallery where you can go to decorate your work. They offer a lot of art classes with the bar. You can sip your favorite beverage while you enjoy learning how to create beautiful paintings. A nice ambient gives a peaceful vibe. Therefore, people tend to book the gallery for parties like birthday and wedding. For your party, you can have a party artist that gives you step by step instructions to make it easier for you to make a masterpiece.

Photo of colorful paint brushes
Create your own masterpiece with the help of an artist

Kihei is an affordable town with reasonable accommodation prices. You can rent small hotels or cottages, depending on your preference. There are a lot of other fun things to do in Kihei like browsing small shopping malls, farmers market or even restaurants which offer some national dishes you have to try. Nightlife in Kihei is pretty lively, and you can have a great time with your family or friends visiting karaoke spots, dance clubs, or open beach bars.

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