Florida real estate market trends and predictions for 2021

Are you considering investing in real estate in Florida this year? Before making any step such as going to the bank and visiting houses, research Florida real estate market trends for 2021 and know what to expect.

A sign for an open house.
You should visit a couple of houses before making the final decision and investing in property in FL

If you plan to invest in Florida real estate, first you should know is it a good idea to do this year or should you wait a little bit. What people are investing in and what are their opinions.

Florida real estate market trends

What is the forecast for 2021 when it comes to the real estate market in FL? Is it worth it to invest right now or know? By knowing these facts about housing in FL, you will choose smarter and will know what to expect. Also, when looking for a house, find a way to move with a reliable moving company and hire Best Movers in Florida.

  • The median home value in Florida is $280,000 which is affordable for the US standards. It is the main factor why people are buying a property in Florida
  • There are around 7,69 million houses and apartments in Florida in total. Most of them (30,%9) cost between $132,500 and $265,000.
  • Over the past year, prices have gone up by 8%, so if you want to invest, you should be fast because prices will rise during 2021 and after that too. Florida real estate market trends are changing every year, even every month so you must be informed with updated information.
  • Some of the highest appreciating FL cities are Bal Harbour, South Miami, El Portal, Biscayne Park, and Surfside.
  • 63% of residents are homeowners and 36,5% are renters. The median rent per month in FL is $1,620. The rest homes are vacation homes.
  • Most homes in Florida were built between 1970 and 1999, about 55% of them.
  • When it comes to the type of homes, most of the homes are simgle-family homes, but of course there are also townhomes, small apartment buildings, and apartment complexes.

Depending on the city, trends and prices are different, it is not the same if you are in Miami or Tampa. You must explore the real estate market in the city where you are moving to.

Transporting your items to a new home in FL

After finding a house, the next step is to move and transport your possessions. Rely on professionals to give you a hand with the moving process and your residential relocation will be smooth, fast, and easy.

Signing a contract for buying a new house
After signing a contract and buying a new house in Florida, it is time to move

To have an organized Florida move you need to prepare in advance. To pack, hire movers, create a checklist, set a moving budget. Ask for help and there is no need to worry.

You will be able to fully understand and research Florida real estate market trends while professionals are taking care of the relocation.

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