First home inspection – what to expect?

A home inspection is your last chance s a buyer to discover problems with the home before you purchase it. Also, an inspection is a chance for the seller to address those problems and negotiate pricing with the buyer. So, it can help you make a more informed decision about the home you consider buying. Now, let’s see what you can expect on the first home inspection.

First home inspection – What is it? 

When you’re moving for the first time – how to pick a new house may be a problem. But house inspection can help you. A home inspection is a visual assessment of a home’s physical structure and mechanical systems. This also includes the roof, floors, walls, ceilings, windows, and doors. The inspector will check out the functionality of major appliances, the heating and air-conditioning system, and the plumbing and electrical systems. Also, he may examine the attic and basement. The goal here is to uncover issues with the home itself.

House Inspection - First home inspection
Learn what to expect when first home inspection.

When does home inspection occur?

The answer is after the seller accepts your offer but before you buy a home. However, if you want to provide enough time for additional inspections or negotiations with the seller, schedule a home inspection as soon as possible. Allow at least seven to ten days in the purchasing process for the inspection.

First home inspection – How to hire a home inspector?

When you’re a buyer, it’s on you to hire the home inspector. But, it’s important to hire a good and reliable home inspector. To find such a person you can start by getting recommendations from friends and family. You may also check out the databases of professional associations. Check your local BBB and discover if the home inspector has a record of complaints there.

It’s best to interview potential home inspectors and get to know their experience, training, and areas of expertise. Also, you can ask them for references from previous clients. It will help you make the final decision. Another thing you can do to get a professional home inspector is to ask them for samples of prior reports. This way you can whether they made simply checklists or extensive reviews. So, you will know whether you’re paying for a quick report or detailed information.

How much it will cost you?

Well, the house inspection may cost you from $300-$500 or more depending on the house size and location. And, unlike other closing costs, you usually pay the inspector at the time of the service. Therefore, have those funds on hand. Keep in mind that just like most things in life, the cheapest inspector isn’t always the best. Just like you have to learn how to choose the best moving company you need to know how to hire a good inspector. So, be wise.

Money Dollar
The house inspection costs vary.

How long does a house inspection take?

You need to know that the duration of an inspection varies widely. But, it mostly depends on the following factors:

  • House size.
  • The number of defects.
  • The inspectors’ thoroughness.
  • The owners help when preparing for the inspection.

Considering all this, you can expect somewhere between two and four hours unless there are exceptional situations.

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