How to find the right type of storage for your needs

There are different kinds of storage units available for rent. And if you’re thinking about renting one, you have to find the right type of storage for your needs. What you need to store, how long you need to store it for and how many things you need to store are all the things that influence the type of storage you are going to need. So, if you were planning to get a storage unit, here’s a simple guide on how you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Types of storage units

As already mentioned in the beginning, there are different kinds of storage units available for use. This is because people need them for storing different things. All storage units come in varying sizes depending on how much space you actually need. Most storage units can be rented for long or short periods, even as short as a day if you are remodeling your home for example.

1. Outside storage

Outside storage is the most common type of storage. It is also the most affordable type of storage as it is the most available one. Here is where people usually store their cars, bikes, boats, and other things like that. This is because you can easily drive up to these storage units as they are outside. They are usually the size to fit these items with some extra space on the sides. You can find bigger ones too.

But an affordable solution is not always the best one. This type of storage has many disadvantages. It’s not very safe and there is a big possibility that humidity and water could get in. This is why people usually don’t store delicate items in outside storage units.

Outside storage units.
Outside storage is not meant for storing delicate items that could get ruined by water or humidity.

2. Indoor storage

Indoor storage is basically a building in which you walk in and you have rooms which are storage rooms. You have a key and here is where you can store all types of things. They also come in different sizes, from small ones to bigger ones. You just need to choose a suitable storage unit size. People use indoor storage for storing many things. People store furniture here, clothing, collectibles. Anything you can think of basically. Using this storage is much better than using outside storage if you need some things stored. There is no chance of outside elements damaging your belongings and the security is much better in indoor storage units so there’s less chance of theft. So if you are trying to find the right type of storage for your needs, this is definitely a good option.

3. Climate-controlled units

If you want to protect your belongings from shifts in temperature, using climate-controlled units is the best solution. Hence, contact reliable companies like the one available at, for example, and check the monthly rates. If you need to store some furniture, this is the best storage unit to get. Temperature shifts can lead to moisture issues and cause warping of your wooden furniture. This is something you definitely don’t want to happen. Humidity causes damage not only to wood, but also metal which can rust, and any fabric. These units are also very popular among those who use storage units but they do cost more money.

Air conditioning.
The best type of storage unit is a climate-controlled storage unit.

A lot of companies use this type of storage units for storing their paperwork. Artists use them too for storing their art away. It’s a great way to keep the things you love safe and sound but away from home. The security in these units is also on a much better level than the previous two types of storage units we mentioned. So, if you needed to find the right type of storage, climate-controlled storage is the best way to go.

4. Mobile storage

Mobile storage units or portable containers have also become a way of storing belongings in the last few years. They can be delivered to your home and rented as a ‘pod’ storage option as long as you need it. This is usually what people use when remodeling their homes as it saves time and energy. But this type of storage unit comes with disadvantages too. Unit rentals are not very cheap and pick up and delivery is an additional expense. If you want this type of storage unit, you need space on your property for it but your lawn will definitely be ruined afterward. Mobile storage is definitely prone to leaks and it isn’t climate controlled. Even though these issues exist, people use mobile storage often.

A mobile storage unit.
A mobile storage unit is not good for long term storage in places where it rains as it’s prone to leaks.

5. Special storage unit

A special storage unit is meant for storing really delicate items such as fine art and antiques. If you own this type of items you definitely want to pay special attention to where and how it’s kept and stored. Special storage units offer both climate control and amazing security. You can also add your own security to this storage unit if you wish. This is the type of storage museums use for keeping art, for example, or people who have expensive heirlooms.

How to find the right type of storage?

Now that you know all types of storage units you can easily find the right type of storage for your needs. Whichever type you choose, make sure you properly pack your belongings and secure them nicely. You never know what could happen and you want your belongings to be as safe as possible even if you are storing them in the best available type of storage units.

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