How to find reliable long distance movers?

Finding reliable and cheap movers is one of the biggest challenges of moving project. And that is not a surprise, as there are many moving companies out there advertising their services. In the past few years, moving business has become very lucrative, and many are trying their luck with it. As consequence, the moving industry is currently very big, and choices are numerous. But not all movers are good. And you shouldn’t risk with hiring the cheapest one. Especially if you are looking to hire reliable long distance movers.

That is why any help with this pursuit is more than welcome. Here you will find many useful information and tips on finding such moving company. In order to make a good plan for this search, you will need to be able to recognize a moving company that is good, reliable, and most of all, experienced in this business.

Moving is one of the biggest projects you will have in your life. It requires a lot of time, money and nerves. And that is a fact. There are many challenges you will face before, during and after the move. But most of them are before the actual moving day. So, you need to prepare in order to do ensure that your relocation goes smoothly. Especially if you are moving for the first time. On the other side, once everything is over, you will be able to enjoy your new home, and that is the most important thing. If you are lucky enough to start moving preparations, you will need all the help you can find. And there is no bigger help than tips on every detail of moving. If you manage to gather all necessary information and to act accordingly, you’ll be able to prevent most of the problems.

What you need to know before hiring reliable long distance movers

If you want to choose the best moving company for the upcoming relocation, you need to know the characteristics of such professionals. The first thing you need to know is that moving agencies can do much more than simply relocating your belongings. At least those good ones. As moving business is very lucrative, moving companies are expanding their offer every day. Now you can hire such a company for various pre and post moving activities. And that is a good thing, as you can let them the most of the job. But, if you want to be sure that everything will go accordingly to your plan, you need to choose only the best movers. If you choose poorly, you can get yourself into many troubles.

office space
Commercial moving is different than Residential relocation

As mentioned before, there are many moving services. Hence, there are a few types of relocation. Generally speaking, we can divide relocation depending on the type of items and distance. Speaking about types of items, there’re commercial moving and residential moving. Commercial or business moving, is the type of relocation that is reserved for companies. It implies relocation of business and office equipment. Residental or home moving, on the other side, is the type of moving service used for the relocation of personal belongings.

When it comes to the distance of relocation, there are local moves and long distance move. Local movers are offering their services for relocations within the same city. That is the most usual type of relocation, and it is a part of every movers’ offer. On the other side, there isn’t that much long distance movers in the market. This type of move can take up to a few days and it requires special equipment and highly specialized staff.

Few words about long distance moves

Important to realize is that long distance movers are very delicate. When it comes to this type of move, there are three usual subtypes:

  1. Relocation to another part of the same State/Country
  2. Moving to the next State/Country (only one border)
  3. Overseas relocation (several borders)

If you look at the previous list, you will see that long distance moves are covering moving abroad. In that case, not only that you need to find reliable long distance movers to handle your belongings, but you need to take care of a bunch of documentation. As you can probably conclude, this type of moving requires a high-level of professional approach. Therefore, you need to find a moving company for which you are sure that can handle this job.

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Long distance moves are very delicate

Long distance moves, depending on the distance of relocation, can take several days, or even weeks. And for all that time you will have to trust your long distance movers, as you will have other things to take care of. That is why you need to choose smartly. Even though many moving companies have this service in their offer, not all of them are actually capable of successfully completing such task. This type of relocation is far more expensive than local moving service, and that is why many would like to make money on it. What you need to be aware of is that moving movers must first master local moving in order to upgrade their business with long distance relocation. Hence, if you come across moving company who only offers long distance moving without a local one, you should skip them.

Now we will explain how to recognize good, experienced and reliable long distance movers.

How to make the perfect plan for finding reliable long distance movers

Good preparation is half of every job. If you make a detailed plan for finding long distance movers, you shouldn’t face any troubles during that pursuit. But finding a good moving agency is not an easy task. If you think that you can simply type “long distance movers in the area” and choose the very first one, you should know that it can bring you more troubles than you think.  You need to pay attention when searching for movers online, as there are many fraudulent companies that have only one goal – to steal your money. That is why you need to make sure to avoid such scammers.

pile of coins
Determine your moving budget

Before you start searching for moving company for the upcoming relocation, you should determine several things. In order to ensure that no one can trick you, here are questions you need to answer:

  • What is my budget for hiring long distance movers? – here you should consider the maximum figure you are ready to go for. It doesn’t mean that you will spend that much, but sometimes it is better to spend a few extra dollars if it can ensure you smooth relocation.
  • When do I want to relocate (specific date)?
  • Which services do I want? – is it only relocation service, or maybe something more such as packing, cleaning, etc.

This list can go further. Think about every possible restriction or specific detail you might have. The more details you have it will be easier to find the perfect moving company. And write down everything. Even if you are used to remembering things – make sure you create a short list of things that are important for your search. This way, you can be sure that you asked your potential movers everything you want to know before making the final decision.

Makings of reliable long distance movers

If you know what to look for, you will have no trouble avoiding low-quality moving companies. Here are features of reliable long distance movers you should know in order to make the best decision.

Two most important things – License and Insurance

license document
Movers you hire must have a license

Every moving company must be licensed for the job. Moving license is the best proof that a company is legally in the moving business. You wouldn’t want to have any problems during your move, especially not with the law. That is why you need to ask to see an active license from movers you are about to hire. As acquiring a license is the very first thing every moving company must do before starting a business, you shouldn’t have a problem with this. All you need to do is visit US Department of Transport website and find your movers.

A second thing you want to check is insurance. Even with all safety measures, damage can happen and it that case you must be sure that there is a compensation for damaged goods. Sometimes, insurance is a part of the deal, and it is already included in the offer you get. Other times you will need to pay extra for such a service. If that is the case, make sure your belongings are insured during relocation, as long distance move can take up to several days, and you will not be able to oversee the whole process. Better safe than sorry.

What others have to say about long distance movers you want to hire

Marketing is everything. Not just in the moving business, but for every other business out there. If your company have a good reputation, it will never lack in acquiring new clients. That is why every decent moving company will have for its main goal to leave their clients satisfied. Not only it is the best way to get new customers, but it is also the cheapest way of advertising. Speaking about moving business, the best way to be sure that movers you are hiring are good is when someone recommends you a company they used before. It can be some of your friends, colleagues or neighbors. And it doesn’t matter if they used relocation service before or they know someone who did. If you manage to get in touch with a person who can give you first-hand experience, you’re very lucky. This kind of information is priceless for your pursuit.

Check the internet

a person searching on the internet
Check experience of other people

In case you can’t find anyone to share such info, you’ll need to make sure that movers you are considering to hire are actually good. When it comes to this part, the Internet is your best friend. The very first thing you should check is “testimonials of our clients” section on movers’ website. Even though these comments and stories are administrated by the moving company, it is good to read them in order to get some basic info. After that, you should continue your investigation at moving-related internet forums. These websites are not biased as they are not administrated by any moving company. Stories you find there are usually genuine and presenting both the good and bad sides of hiring articular moving agency. If you manage to find here moving company you are investigating, you will be able to get a clear picture if they are good or not.

Make sure you avoid scams and frauds

It’s not a secret that fraudulent activities are often in the moving business. Even though these scammers are being reported every day, they still find a way to steal money from people in need. In order to avoid fraudulent movers, you need to pay extra attention during your pursuit. Good news is that all these fraudulent companies operate in a similar way using few tricks for luring victims. If you know what to pay attention to, you will be able to avoid such a trap. Speaking about tricks these scammers are using, the most common is promising unreasonably low fares or time of relocation. No one can fool you that can do a four-day job in a couple of hours. On the other side, if you know what is the price range of long distance relocation, you’ll be able to recognize that something is fishy once you see extremely low fare.

stop sign
Know how to recognize frauds

And that’s it. Now you are ready to find reliable long distance movers for your upcoming relocation. Be smart and careful, and you will enjoy your new home in no time. For the end, here are some good last-minute moving tips. Good luck!

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