Expats in Kuwait: process of buying a home as a non-resident

Kuwait is a small country in southwest Asia, on the Arabian Peninsula with access to the Persian Gulf. To an ordinary traveler who comes to visit, it seems as if he suddenly found himself in a beautiful story from 1,001 nights. At first glance, everything seems fabulous, magnificent modern-style offices and Arabic-style buildings, modern roads, the latest cars, luxury and splendor everywhere. As one of the fast-growing cities, 70% of Kuwait residents are expats. If you have chosen Kuwait as your new living destination, you will be going through a specific process of buying a home.

You have to maintain your job and  safe income

The process of buying a home as a non-resident in Kuwait might seem like a great idea. However, you should have in mind having to deal with the Kuwait administration is not the end of it after officially becoming an owner. In order to keep your status as an owner, you need to keep your residency and your job at all times. Otherwise, you will have to sell your property.  Your private residency must be less than 1000 square meters.

Night lights of Kuwait city.
Magnificent night lights of Kuwait city will never cease to amaze you

But still, there are a lot of varieties you can choose from and very spacey apartments and houses. Your new home can be furnished or unfurnished. If you pick a furnished home, often you might find it below western standards. To avoid this, might be for the best that you equip the residence with your own choice of furniture. In which case you will be needing a reliable moving company. They can help you transfer belongings to your new house or estate in this great place that has the best from the old and the new world.

Special procedure for owning a property in the process of buying a home as a non-resident

When buying a home as a non-resident in Kuwait, special rules will apply. It’s due to relatively new changes of laws regarding real estate. As we were advised by local experts from easymovekw.com, up to 2017 expats weren’t allowed to own a property in Kuwait. Thus, the terms of becoming an owner are specific.

There are varieties of homes you can choose from. Once you’ve picked your future living space, you’ll need to hire a lawyer. You’ll need to assemble a request application from the Ministry of Justice. The application will include:

  • your tax information,
  • proof of employment and passport, and
  • proof that you don’t have any criminal record in Kuwait.

If your application passes, it will be sent for final approval with Interior Ministry.

Salmiya is a perfect city for a process of buying a home in Kuwait.
Salmiya is one of the fastest growing cities in Kuwait

When your application has been approved by Interior Ministry, you will be paying legal fees and survey fees for the estate. All before getting proof of payment with the rest of the paperwork to the Expropriation Department in Kuwait City in order to officially become an owner.

A few final notes

Starting your new life chapter, preparing for an international relocation, and the process of buying a home in Kuwait will definitely have a great impression on you. You will be surrounded by the fusion of culture – a mix of modern and traditional. We might even think of it as we did once of the New World, and all its possibilities. But have no fear, new is often good, and diversity is the best.

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