Everything nobody tells you when moving

Moving, on its own, is a huge endeavor and a daunting task to perform. It’s complicated and stressful. However, if you want to make it easier and stress-free you can. The key is in the information you have to gather. Information is power so make sure you gather as much as you can. You can always do your own online research and you can ask around but there are always some new things you can find out.  So let’s try to be proactive and we will try to give you information about everything nobody tells you when moving.

What you must know  and still nobody tells you when moving

When making a list of essential info you have to gather and deal with, there are certain facts that nobody tells you when moving. These facts are usually estimates or best guesses and are usually specific to each move but you have to keep them in mind an research them the best you can. The list you should make should be:

  • Get the expense estimate
  • Research and hire good movers
  • Make and follow a moving checklist
  • Prioritize to save money
  • Declutter and pack lightly
  • Find help
  • Handle the stress
A check list you need to complete with all the necessary information even all those things nobody tells you when moving.
Writing a checklist is very helpful when moving.

Estimate your moving expenses

One of the first steps in moving is to find out how much it will cost. The cost of the move will determine the way you will handle it. It’s good to consult a reputable moving company and invite their representative to make an estimate. Basing your decisions on online and phone estimates is not a good idea and may lead to having the wrong figures. Be sure to get a correct estimate that will help you make the right decisions.

Researching movers

Hiring the right movers is always important and prior research into the movers’ market is a must. Reputable, professional movers are a guarantee that the job will be done correctly. Hiring professionals is important to keep the cost of the move down. A DIY approach to the move can lead to higher cost and hidden expenses (hiring a moving vehicle, gathering packing supplies, insurance and damage of your valuables) are always a big risk. Professional movers, especially those that provide full service moving and insurance like Moving of America – NJ Movers, may seem expensive but can save you money in total. Be sure to do your research and ask the right questions to find the most reputable and secure moving company. Start your research online but get in direct contact with the company’s representatives.

Make and follow a moving checklist

In order to take control of your move, it’s important to use a moving checklist as a time management tool. The checklist will help you manage your tasks and show you when and how fast you can complete certain tasks. Make sure to list the most important task first in order to ensure their completion as a priority.

Prioritize to save money

Moving can be a very expensive process that has to be managed to save money and be rational. There are multiple ways to save money when moving and you should make sure to exploit them. From packing your belongings, yourself to hiring an affordable moving company can drastically decrease your moving expense. You can also try to downsize and decrease the amount of stuff you have to pack and move.

A white piggy bank.
make a list of your priorities if you want to save some money.

One of the easiest ways of saving money is to do your own packing instead of hiring professionals for the job. Also gathering free packing supplies can significantly decrease your moving expenses. Do not buy shipping boxes, bubble wrap or padding unless you have a really expensive, valuable or antique items you have to protect. For the ordinary stuff you can use salvaged boxes and bags, newspapers for padding or even soft wardrobe to pack fragile items.

Declutter and downsize

Be realistic and analyze your belongings. You may find that the majority of stuff you don’t use or need. At this point, you can do a lot to decrease your moving costs. Downsizing means that you can donate, sell, give or throw away the majority of items that you don’t use. Downsizing in this way will help you save money on packing cost, transportation cost on storage space and ultimately save you time when packing and moving. If you decide to sell your stuff it will also be a fresh income to help your move.

Find help

The number of tasks that have to be performed during the move is staggering, so it is almost impossible to handle it single-handed. Moving house requires getting help. Asking for help from your friends and family is the cheapest and most rational way of organizing your packing and loading and this is what nobody tells you when moving. Recruiting your friends and family can make your packing process a breeze and an opportunity to make a social event out of the process. If you have valuable, antique or very fragile items you can always opt to hire professionals to handle those items to avoid damage and loss. Professional help will also free up your time to handle other, more important activities.

Handle the stress

Moving house is one of the most stressful activities in anyone’s life. The stress of the move can really get to you so you have to handle it properly. The stress comes from the financial burden of the move. Moving is expensive and costs can quickly get out of hand if you don’t control them. Managing financial stress is possible if you set a budget for the move and stick to it. It also means trying to use all of the options for cutting costs that exist. The stress also comes from the time constraints and the general lack of time. Handling this stress is possible through the use of the moving plan and checklist that precisely determines the steps and time frame of each moving activity. The stress also comes from the fear of the unknown when moving to a new neighborhood, town or state so you have to deal with the psychological side of the move. So, the solutions are what nobody tells you when moving. Each case is unique and you have to find out what suits you best to relieve stress.

A man balancing a pile of cardboard boxes.
Handle your move and the stress of moving.

Conclusion on everything nobody tells you when moving

Moving can be a long and arduous process tied in with a lot of stress and problems. However, it can be managed. With good organization and planning, moving can become a stress-free beginning to a new life in a new location. Unfortunately, there is no definite list of what you should do and how you should handle the move. We just tried to make a list of all of the things no one will tell you when moving.

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